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What actually is the ‘LAW OF ATTRACTION’ ?

The ‘LAW OF ATTRACTION’ is a science of attracting the more of what you want and less of what you don’t. The LAW OF ATTRACTION is a Universal Law which is at work everyday in our lives. This law says: what you focus on, you get. The opposite of this is also true: if you focus on what you don’t want, that, too, is what you will attract.

‘The law of Attraction responds to whatever vibration you are sending by giving you more of it, whether it’s positive or negative. It simply responds to your vibration.

Why does this Law of attraction work ?

The universe is made up of energy. Your thoughts are energy and this energy flows where your attention goes. Your attention focuses energy into manifestation. Every thought you think, and its accompanying feelings sends out a vibration to the universe and attracts back to it experiences that match the vibration of that feeling or thought.
Attracting and getting everything you have always dreamed of, and activate the Law of Attraction in your life today!

What you will learn how to :

  • Attract what you want
  • Attract your customers and clients
  • Attract your soul mate and relationships
  • Attract sound health
  • Attract financial wealth and abundance
  • Attract fun and enjoyment to your life
  • Attract progress and prosperity
  • Create and manifest a healthy body and lifestyle


This Course reveals you :

  • Why you get more of what you don’t want?
  • Why you get less of what you want more?
  • Why words are important and why greater emphasis is laid on words?
  • Which are the words that cause you to attract what you don’t want?
  • How to reset your vibration so that you can attract & manifest all that you have always desired?
  • What is contrast? How is it helpful? Why is it important to identify contrast? (Contrast as it only applies of Law of Attraction, is anything you don’t like, does not feel good or causes you to be in a negative mood.)
  • How The Clarity through Contrast Process Works? (The Clarity through Contrast Process will assist you in becoming clearer about your desires).
  • How observing sends a vibration?
  • How giving attention increases vibration?
  • What are the 2 tools for raising your vibration to fuel your desire?
  • What is a limiting belief? How can you identify your limiting belief?
  • How to create your own allowing statement? (Allowing is the process of removing any doubts surrounding your belief of attracting anything).
  • What are the 10 Tools that help you to allow?
  • What are the 3 tools to Become More Abundant and Attract more money?
  • What are the 4 tools to Attract your Ideal Relationship?
  • How to Stay Connected to the Message of Law of Attraction?

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Rs.1000 + Rs.50 =Rs.1050/-


Offer Valid till 31st December 2017

Testimonials of People Who Attended Seminar

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The Workshop on the Law of Attraction is good and I learnt a lot. It has helped me to change my negative vibrations into positive vibrations.

Sarita Tibrewala, Balnagar.
It is very useful enlighting and has helped me to gain more abundance in my life. Everyone needs to know about the Law of Attraction and how it works. This can help them get what they want.

Dr. Ratna, Adarshnagar
The Law of Attraction is very useful. It helps to remind me of what I want not what I don't want. I helps me to attract positive vibrations and manifest what I want in my life.

Sandhya, Adarshnagar
The Law of Attraction is very enlightening, informative and useful. The positive affirmations revealed in this workshop helped me to look at the brighter side of life. Its an overall betterment in life.

V. Srinidhar, Habsiguda
The Law of Attraction is very simple and easy to learn. It has helped me to improve myself in setting my goals perfectly. I think everyone should learn the Law of Attraction as it can help everyone to set their goals and manifest them.

Ch.Prashanth, Nirmala High School
Mr. Pradeep Aggarwal's Workshop on the Law of Attraction is very informative and innovative. Mr. Aggarwal has helped me to apply my energy in proper direction in my life.

Ms. Indira Raju, Domalguda


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