Hypnosis, Self-Hypnosis & Personal Transformation Combo Pack

Combo Pack Consists of 24 Lessons to Master Secrets of Hypnotism E-Book(PDF) , How to Master Self Hypnosis (CD) & Personal Transformation in 7 Weeks E-Book (PDF)

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24 Lessons To Master Secrets of Hypnosis E-book (PDF) :

24 Lessons To Master Secrets of Hypnosis – is a complete e-book on Hypnosis in every detail, with no 'secrets' of hypnotism left out. It is easy to learn hypnotism with this book…If you will just use the book as it is intended to be used. What you'll learn from this e-book -

  • How a Beginner Can Become an Expert Hypnotist
  • Vital Rules for a Successful Hypnotist
  • How to Get Willing and Cooperating Subjects
  • Four Secrets to Get People Ready for Hypnosis
  • How to Give Effective Suggestions in Hypnotism. and a lot more.....

How to Master Self Hypnosis - CD :

Contains the fundamental initiation to self hypnosis. The music and the voice of Pradeep Aggarwal guide you to a very deep state of relaxation and program your subconscious mind to enable you to enter the wonderful state self hypnosis. The technique used is called ‘Progressive Relaxation. This technique enables you to enter into self hypnosis instantly any time you want.

The other technique taught in the CD contains “Visualization Induction’ that is very helpful to enter into self hypnosis.

By the time you complete listening to this audio CD, you would have learned how to go into self hypnosis in less than 30 seconds, program your mind and come out safely with positive programming installed into your sub conscious mind.

How to Transform Your Life in 7 Weeks (E Book-PDF) – STEP BY STEP ,


The 176 Pages E-book covers :

Week 1 - Self Hypnosis :
  • Introduction to Self Hypnosis
  • What is Subconscious Mind
  • Levels of Consciousness
  • How can we compare Hypnosis with Meditation & Yoga
  • Hypnosis Myth & Reality
  • A Typical Hypnotic Session
  • Guidelines for Formulating Suggestions & Programming
  • Visualization
  • Conditioning yourself for Self Hypnosis
  • Exercises

The 5 childhood Tests of Self Confidence :

  • The attractiveness test
  • The Intelligence test
  • The Status test
  • The popularity test
  • The production test
  • Exercises
  • The Mind & Body Connection
  • Test your positive thinking [exercise]
  • The art of breathing
  • How to practice belly breathing [exercise]
  • Exercises
Week 4 – MONEY :
  • Aligning Money with your Personal Value
  • Living for the body
  • Living for the soul
  • Restructuring your Belief System
  • The seven wealth wounds
  • Exercises
  • Discovering your ideal soul mate
  • 5 Principles for maintaining a successful relationship
  • The ‘Attract Love’ Programming
  • Exercises
  • Your mission in life
  • Understanding the Principle of choice
  • Creating your underlying principle
  • Aligning your life with the underlying principle
  • Getting your inner self to provide you the answers
  • Exercises
Week – 7 – RECAP :

The 30 day plan for Unleashing the “NEW YOU”

This is a powerful book for self-improvement guides you step by step how you can transform yourself in 7 weeks for better health, wealth and happiness.


FREE E-books worth Rs. 1500/- with this pack consisting of

1. The Power of Creative Visualization e-book By Pradeep Aggarwal - (Price Rs. 375/-)
A powerful program to get everything you want. You will simply be un-stoppable in making your dreams come true. And you can literally change your destiny like Getting a promotion, Reducing Tension/stress, Possessing good health, Loosing weight, Attracting Love, Enriching Relationships, Mastering Emotions or improving Self-image through the POWER OF CREATIVE VISUALIZATIONS a process through which you create powerful, mental powers, mental pictures that carries you gradually towards your goal.

2. Stage Hypnosis - The Complete Hypnotic Act - (Price Rs. 375/-)
A Complete Book on how to perform a Stage Hypnotic Act

3. Hypnotic Induction Techniques - ( Price Rs. 375/-)
An e-book consisting of various relaxation, induction, trance methods.

4. Hypnosis For Beginners - ( Price Rs. 375/-)
In this book simple practical examples are given which allow the reader to explore in person and with others some of the obvious things about the ways in which the mind and body works.Price: Rs.450/- + Rs. 250/- +Rs. 350/- + Rs.50/- = Rs. 1100/-


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