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How to Master Self Hypnosis (1 Audio - 60 minutes)

Contains the fundamental initiation to self hypnosis. The music and the voice of Pradeep Agarwal guide you to a very deep state of relaxation and program your subconscious mind to enable you to enter the wonderful state of self hypnosis. The technique used is called "Progressive Relaxation". The CD also programs you to enter this state instantly at any time you want. Side B of this CD contains "Visualization Induction", technique that is very helpful to enter self hypnosis.

Attract the love of Your life - for males (1 Audio - 60 minutes)

Uncomfortable, tense, tongue-tied with the fairer sex ? Find it difficult to express true love to women? This CD enables you to enhance your self image as a lovable, attractive and sexy man who deserves the love of the woman he wants. It makes you confident, removes your psychological block and enables you to send out positive vibrations to attract love.

Attract the love of Your life - for females (1 Audio - 60 minutes)

What does a man look for in a woman? Is it just appearance? No, the answer lies in something a lot deeper than merely looks- an attractive personality. This CD enables you to go beyond cosmetic beauty. It will help you to enhance your self image as a beautiful and vibrant person who is capable of giving and receiving unconditional love.

Improve your love/Marriage Life (1 Audio - 60 minutes)

Is your love life losing its initial glitter? Do you have to constantly struggle to keep a relationship "working "? Has the passion in your relationship dried out? Or. Do you simply feel the need for adding a new dimension to your love life? In that case, this CD is for you. Through beautiful imagery and carefully worded suggestions, this CD will enable you to rekindle the flame and restore the youthful flow is in your relationships.

Pleasant & Lovable Personality (1 Audio - 60 minutes)

Out personality is generally the product of three factors: Traits, Habits and Viewpoints. Since these factors aren't generically inherited but acquired, they are alterable by new programming. And this program does just that. It allows you to be free of the past and look to the future: a future filled with love and recognition of your friends, colleagues and others.

Overcome Shyness (1 Audio - 60 minutes)

Blushing usually occurs in people who, by disposition, are tense and nervous. Naturally, the moment they feel themselves beginning to blush, they become tenser, thereby further increasing the tendency to blush. This CD is designed to overcome nervousness in blushing-prone situations and improve confidence. A great personality booster for anyone who feels uncomfortable in certain types of situations.

Charisma (1 Audio - 60 minutes)

The dictionary defines charisma a " the ability to attract the attention of a large number of people", In the competitive world that we live in, we all want to be heard, and make our presence felt. This personality transformation tape enhances your appeal and presence, and enables you to project magnetism.

Eliminate Anger (1 Audio - 60 minutes)

Clairvoyancy is seeing or sensing energies that are beyond the range of your normal vision and senses. Developing clairvoyancy gives you powerful whys to consciously affect your and others 'realities. You would greatly expand all your faculties, senses and capabilities as you open your clairvoyant sight, begin to sense and see auras and experience the energy states necessary to begin seeing clairvoyantly.

Eliminate Guilt (1 Audio - 60 minutes)

You guilt can kill the cute, romantic and a lover boy/ girl in you. So, eliminate your past guilt.


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