Remove Fear Of Talking To The Opposite Sex Using NLP








"Remove Fear Of Talking To The Opposite Sex Using NLP"
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In the course ' Remove fear Of talking To The Opposite Sec Using NLP' By Pradeep Aggarwal helps students overcome their shyness while talking to the opposite gender. It is a common problem faced by men and women these days, they tend to stammer, feel nervous and show lack of confidence while interacting with the opposite sex, this can be due to many reasons but causes obstacles in their patch of success.
In this course you will learn many tricks and techniques to overcome the above stated problem and interact more freely and confidently with the opposite sex.
In this course you will learn:
Lecture1: Introduction To The Course
Lecture 2: Learn To Relax Using Self Hypnosis And NLP Techniques
Lecture 3: Mind Trigger Techniques For Relaxation
Lecture 4: Anchoring Technique To Build Confidence To Interact With The Opposite Gender
Lecture 5: Reverse Spinning Technique To Overcome Fear
Lecture 6: Circle Of Confidence Technique
Lecture 7: Recap Of All Techniques Taught
Lecture 8: Summary Of The Course

By the end of the course, students will be able to overcome their fear of speaking and interacting the opposite gender. They will be able to increase their confidence and self esteem and improve their communication with the opposite sex.
Students will also learn techniques to overcome anxiety, lack of confidence, self esteem, nervousness while interacting with the opposite sex This course is for everyone who lack confidence while interacting with people of the opposite sex. It is a common problem that men and women face these days which cause obstacles in their path of success

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