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The Basic Aspects of NLP

NLP can be defined as Neuro Linguistic Programming, which was developed in the seventies by John Grinder a professor of Linguistics and Richard Bandler a psychology student at the University of California. They studied the works of noted therapist Fritz Perls and Milton Erickson a famous hypnotherapist. NLP is a set of techniques proposed by Richard Bandler and John Grinder to decribe the relationship between the mind (neuro) and language (Linguistic) and how their interaction can be programmed to affect an individuals mind, body and behavior.

NLP also draws references of Ivan Pavlov’s work of conditioned reflexes. NLP makes the results of theories developed by others to improve your life. It analyzes behavioral patterns and unravels the mystery about how some people are strong achievers and always succeed in attaining their goals. It explores the patterns of thinking and communication, which are creating mental blocks and preventing you from achieving what you want. It studies the patterns of outstanding people and makes these effective ways available to others for their benefit.

NLP originally a therapist tool is now applied in a number of fields such as sales, education, sports, business, health and in interpersonal relationships. Neuro refers to your sense organs and how you use them. For instance you use your eyes to perceive objects you use your other senses like aural (hearing), kinesthetic (tactile, touch or emotional feeling), gustatory (taste) olfactory (smell)

Linguistic refers to language, the pictures, sounds, feelings, tastes, smells and words. It refers to the speaking patterns, the voice tones, the word selection, gesticulations, and postures. For example do you remember how you started your day? Can you see a picture in your mind? Can you hear sounds and remember the smell of you coffee or the taste of your breakfast? Did you feeling refreshed or sleepy wanting to spend that extra 10 minutes in bed? Whenever you think of a particular event in your life you see the images, see faces, remember sounds .If you imagine how your life would be in future do you see yourself as being successful or failing.

Programming refers to your habits, patterns, your programs and strategy. The pattern you follow when you get ready to work, it refers to your routine that you follow in your daily life. The strategies, the habits, the patterns that you follow may or may not bring the desired results. You may be aware or unaware of the patterns that you are following. However if you identify the patterns, which are not to your advantage, you could change them. This is the major benefit of NLP.

It is equally important to identify who placed these patterns, strategies and programs in you? It is you who is responsible for this and you can change them to achieve the results that you expect. You can change these patterns and communications to suit your needs.



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