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Mr. PRADEEP AGGARWAL who is an esteemed member of the International Hypnosis Hall of Fame Guild, USA, International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Assiciation, a certified trainer of NLP and the head of Institute of Mind Control and Development.

Hypnosis & NLP is powerful tools for therapy. By combining these two techniques, therapy has become very fast & permanent. Some time it takes only one to three sessions, which use to take some times months in the past. Mr. Aggarwal has combined these two powerful techniques. He is available for individual, therapy by prior appointment for the following problems.

Fast Phobia Cure:
Do you have fear of heights, water, insects, public speaking, meeting new people talking to opposite sex, examination, failures, interviews....Eliminate yourfear & phobias & live a happy and fulfiling life.

Successful Relationship:
Are you under going the trauma separation, divorce or broker relationship? Now let go off your past, focus on your future goals and move ahead with new fulfilling relationship with full confidence & happiness.

Remove anger, Guilt, Depression, sadness, and negative emotions.

Institute of Mind Control and Development

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