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Good health is one of the most important aspects to personal development of a human being. One requires to be in the best of health to remain in the best of his spirits, all so essential in terms of ambition, happiness and individual well-being.

Practice the following visualization at least once everyday to discover a rejuvenating experience that will open a world of opportunities for you.

Imagine yourself standing in a bubble of light. What colour is the light? Is it colourless? Or is it shining, blazing white? Feel the light. Let it fill the whole of your external world.

Follow your breath in and out for a minute or so. Breathe in the light. It will fill your body. Allow your eyes pry deep inside your body. Concentrate on the interior. Slowly, you will find a miner somewhere deep inside your body. He is wearing a miner's helmet. What is the colour of his helmet? Does he have his little light atop the helmet.

The miner is a friend of yours. So, greet him.

Remember, the miner is here to make you feel healthy. He is carrying with him every tool and material for any part of your body that require repair. And he has immense knowledge and experience to heal your body of any nagging wound or disease.

Request the miner to travel around your body to know whether the light has reached every nook and corner. If the light has not reached any particular place, the miner will take you to that place.

Note the place that requires light. It may be an aching heart, a nagging stomach problem, a sore throat, a headache or anything that you are suffering from. The area is dark and gloomy.

Ask your friendly miner to repair that what you are suffering from. He sets to work immediately. He has all his tools and materials. So he starts repairing the wound, massaging muscles and fixing what is broken.

He places all junks and debris in a miners cart, surrounds it in a bubble of light so that none escapes, and sets it out of your body on a blazing rocket.

He takes out a bucket of healing lotion after all repairs had been done. He opens the lid. Note the colour of the healing lotion. Is it white? Or is it pink?

The miner spreads the soothing healing lotion on the area he has just repaired. He spreads it with a paintbrush covering every little detail of the entire area. You will feel for yourself how soothing the healing lotion feels.

At a later stage if you find the area has absorbed all the healing lotion, request the miner to apply more of it until health is completely restored. Don't worry about the quantity of the healing lotion the miner uses in your wound. He has an un-ending stock of it.

The miner goes on to investigate your entire body. It goes to every area that requires fixing and does whatever needs to be done to restore your good health. After repairing, he applies the healing lotion to soothe your pain.

After the miner had completed repairing your entire body, you will begin to feel healthy. Your every living cell is now wide awake. You are not only healthy, you are also brimming with energy.

You thank the miner for his un-ending effort. It is his happiness to help you achieve good health. Seeing you healthy is thus a major source of happiness for him. He retreates back, singing cheerfully, to where he stays with his tools and materials. He pulls out from his pocket a photograph of you. In the photograph you are seen doing that you have desired all along but have not been able to because of your health problem.

In the photograph you look strong. You look energetic. Your face is shining with good spirit. You are leading a healthy life.

He hands you the picture of health. You travel up to that place in your mind that regulates good health. Hang your photograph there. You can make it bigger. You can even put a lovely frame around it. The miner fixes a light that brightens your picture by illuminating it.

Tell the miner about how good you feel. Happily he gives you another picture. Hang it in your heart so your heart beats with good cheer knowing all is well with you. Enlarge the photograph if you want to and put a beautiful frame around it. The miner fixes another light to brighten the picture by illuminating it.

Hail Good Health!


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