Member of International Medical & Dental Hypnotherapist Association.

Certified NLP Trainer, and Head of Institute of Mind Control & Development.

Consultant & Trainer for Atheletes, Sports Person & Organisation.

Conducting LIFE CHANGING Workshop for over 35 Years in India & Abroad.

More than 95,000 Thousand People have attended his workshop and reported incredibly changes in their lives.


Home Study Video Course


You are about to DISCOVER
How Easy, Natural and Effortless
it is to Hypnotize People


Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy Course
To Become a Master Hypnotist (Code: HC-01)

This Explosive DVD Course Comes:

In a set of 4 DVD’s More than 8 hours of practical demonstrations. Manual (CD) with easy to read, understandable Instructions.

Delivers what you have been looking for years to learn Hypnosis
and reap rich benefits from it.

Instant Hypnosis


Be a Master HYPNOTIST!

This video provides you all that you need to become a master HYPNOTIST. This video teaches you simple and easy techniques to put a person into deep Hypnotic trance. Watching this video repeatedly will make you understand and master the techniques of HYPNOSIS. Many of you can hypnotize someone for the first time itself using this technique whereas for others it requires practice.

HYPNOTIZE your clients, friends and family

This video provides you all that you need to become a master HYPNOTIST. This video teaches you simple and easy techniques to put a person into deep Hypnotic trance. Watching this video repeatedly will make you understand and master the techniques of HYPNOSIS. Many of you can hypnotize someone for the first time itself using this technique whereas for others it requires practice.

This video provides you the tools and techniques to hypnotize someone. You can lay a deep and powerful impact on others and impress others. You will be admired and respected as you will become a master HYPNOTIST. 

Pride and Confidence as a Hypnotist

As you begin hypnotizing and develop your knowledge and understanding of Hypnosis, your levels of personal pride and self esteem will soar. A successful Hypnotist will usually be a proud person with great confidence, a strong ego and a high sense of self worth. If want to be a Hypnotist and Hypnotize others - and are prepared to put in the effort - then
you probably can be!

HYPNOTIZE someone instantly with the snap of fingers

By watching this video using the rapid and instant induction technique you will be able to induce trance in less than 3 seconds. Then you will be able to teach people Self-Hypnosis and do Hypnosis Anesthesia. All these can be done in less than 5 minutes. Definitely you need to practice these techniques to really master it. Then you will be able to do it anytime, anywhere, easily and effortlessly.

Eye open waking hypnosis with waking hypnosis demonstrations. Arm catalepsy, name and number amnesia, happy finger, mouth lock and hand stuck to the forehead.


You May Wonder

Exactly what Hypnosis is?

  1. I will dispel all the myths and tell you all the facts.
  1. Fool Proof Instructions... to Hypnotize your friends, family, co-workers – even yourself.
  1. You will learn exactly what to say with proven step by step scripts.
  1. Unmistakable ways... to tell if someone is hypnotized.
  1. The 8 essential concepts for hypnotizing people in a matter of seconds with rapid inductions.
  1. Incredibly funny routines... you can use in a stage show and how to hypnotize
    up to twenty people in minutes.

HYPNOSIS IS VERY real...........it is easy and everyone can do it.

This Video Course Demostrates

This video course is for you, if:

  1. You are intelligent and curious about hypnosis.

  2. You just want to understand more about hypnosis.

  3. You just want to use hypnosis to help yourself and others.

  4. You might add Hypnosis to your professional toolkit.

  5. You are considering studying Hypnotherapy as a career.

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The Advantages

  1. Learning the fundamental basics of hypnosis right from home.

  2. Watching Hypnosis techniques performed, right in front of your eyes

  3. Realizing just how easy it is to use the skills of a professional hypnotist

  4. And being able to view these techniques over and over again

What this 10 hours 4 DVD's Video Course includes?

  1. The instant induction - inducing trance in less than 3 seconds.

  2. The Rapid Induction - a fun and gentle way to induce trance in 3-4 seconds.

  3. The progressive Relaxation - total and complete mind and body relaxation.

  4. Eight Best effective trance-deepening techniques.

  5. How to do an efficient and effective Pre-Talk.

  6. The Pre-talk will teach you what Hypnosis is, how Hypnosis works and how to gain rapport with your client, so that everyone is hypnotizable.

  7. Each technique has an introduction, which explains how and why the technique is used.

  8. Each induction, deepening technique and pre-talk come with its very own script for you to read and follow and make hypnosis easy.

  9. Everything you need to know to perform effective hypnosis equal to certified Hypnotists.

  10. The latest techniques and approaches in advanced Hypnosis/Hypnotherapy.

Instant Hypnotic Induction - Arm catalepsy,
hand stuck to the head, eye lock, legs stuck to the floor.


Some other most powerful techniques explained in this video course are

  1. Dave Elman Powerful Induction Technique -One of the most powerful technique in hypnosis. It takes just 3 minutes to put a person into deep hypnotic stage and works 95% of the time.
  1. Hypnotic Anesthesia
  1. Healing Methods
  1. Controlling Pain - Self and in others.
  1. How to give Hypnotic Presentation / Demonstrations
  1. How to hypnotize children – You can help children in improve their concentration, memory, habits, studies
  1. Non verbal induction (Inducing Hypnosis without using a word).
  1. Power of Internal Dialogue
  1. Affirmations

  2. Suggestibility Tests: It includes

    • Eye Closure
    • Eye Roll
    • Spiegel eye roll
    • Finger magnet
    • Hand magnet
    • Arm Levitation
    • Hand lock
    • Arm stiffening
    • Eye Catalepsy
    • Postural sway
    • The Balloon & a Dictionary

  3. Waking Hypnosis
  1. Post Hypnotic Suggestions
  1. Yes/No Finger Signals to communicate with your subconcious mind and healing.
  1. Pendulam Yes/No Signals to communicate with your subconcious mind and healing.
  1. How to Formulate Suggestions
  1. How to give theraupatic Suggestions
  1. How to teach self hypnosis to others
  1. Hypnosis phenomena and demonstrations
  1. Deepening techniques

  2. Instant and Rapid Inductions: It includes

    • The Energizer
    • Arm Pull Induction
    • Hand Drop Induction
    • Arm levitation
    • Analytical Rapid Process
    • Standing Instantaneous Induction
    • Clasped hands
    • Drop back Induction
    • Rapid hands Together method
    • Permissive Arm pull Rapid method
    • Permissive Rapid Eye Catalepsy method

Hypnotic anesthesia with magic spot


This AMAZING video clearly demonstrates the fascinating techniques
that you will learn throughout this course

  1. Learn how to put anyone into deep hypnotic trance
  1. How to induce instant hypnosis
  1. How to safely bring your subject out of hypnosis
  1. How to turn a light trance into a really deep one

People who could benefit from positive suggestions

You can induce Hypnosis, give such people the positive suggestions they
have requested and feel great about helping them.

Imagine how wonderful it would be to Hypnotize and AMAZE your Friends
Hypnosis is currently riding a wave of popularity among the public.

Not only you will gain first hand knowledge from inside, but you will also enjoy
the process, and obtain relief from your own problems.

The rewards are immense. Millions of people suffer from "Fear of Public
Speaking". Hypnosis is a fantastic tool that can help you eliminate the
fear of public speaking for ever.

Just Visualize how fantastic the feeling would be to stand in front of a large
crowd start speaking, impart knowledge, evoke laughter and get applauded.

Using Pendulum to Communicate with your Subconscious Mind



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“Secret of Hypnotic Persuasion & Influence”
DVD course
worth Rs.2000 absolutely FREE!!!

This powerful video course is professionally recorded which teaches you
how to persuade anyone, anytime, any place ….. Naturally as part of a
regular conversation. What the Hidden Persuader pattern is, how n why it
works, and how to use it to increase your persuasive power in every situation.

Fantastic FREE Bonuses (CD)

Bonus#1-Affirmations – PDF File:
More than 70 positive Affirmations to change and improve your life. Some of the Power Affirmations on topics include: Alcohol, Depression, Drug Addictions, Energy, Exam Anxiety, Secret of Study Habits, Goal Accomplishment, Pain Control, Insomnia, Procrastination, Stop Smoking, Weight Loss & Self Confidence.

Bonus #2-Personal Transformation In 7 Weeks - PDF File:
If we have encountered failures in a particular venture in the past, we might begin to believe that we could never again succeed in that particular venture. This belief can shackle us from even trying out that venture in the future. Thus, the key to a more satisfying life is to over come these negative beliefs. This POWERFUL book provides some remarkably simple tools to reshape your life. The STEP BY STEP process include chapters for each week you need to follow and implement includes – Self Hypnosis, Emotions, Health & Healing, Money, Relationship, Spirituality, and Recap.

Bonus #3-The Power Of Creative Visualization - PDF File:
You can get everything you want. You will simply be unstoppable in making your dreams come true. And you can literally change your destiny. This is possible through a power that everyone has – THE POWER OF THE MIND. By learning some simple, well-defined techniques you can actually rule over your mind. You can make your mind work for you. The Amazing chapters in this book include – Mind over Matter, Creating Visuals, Step to acquire Mind Power, How to be Successful Man, How to be a Winner, How to Remove your Fear, How to Improve your Personality, How to Lean a Healthy Life, How to Lead a Peaceful Life, How to Control Your Anger, How to Win Love, How to Improve your Sexual Life, How to Stay Young for Forever.

Bonus #4-Stage Hypnosis - PDF File:
Stage Hypnosis is all about Fun, Frolic and Entertainment. The books gives you step by step instructions on How to Perform Hypnotic Acts on Stage. The easy to learn steps include Introductory remarks, How to select subjects, How to build confidence and rapport with the audience. The books also includes some amazing tests you can perform on stage.

Bonus #5- Induction Techniques - PDF File:
This book consists of Deepening Techniques, Induction Techniques, Testing Techniques and Trance Techniques for both children and elder people. All the techniques are explained in easy to understand step by procedure to easily and effectively to put anybody in a hypnotic state.

Bonus #6- How To Become a Master Hypnotist - Manual - PDF File:
The manual comes in PDF format file with 57 pages of indepth information on hypnosis including 8 best techniques for deepening hypnosis, Relaxation Induction, Progressive Relaxation Induction, Dave Elman Induction techniques, Awakening Script, Suggestibility tests, Formulating Suggestions, Sample Wording Suggestions, Circle of Excellence, Hypnosis for Self Confidence, Building Self Confidence and much, much more...

Bonus #7-Uncovering the Cause of problem & developing confidence - Audio CD

This recorded audio script is a process to find the cause of your problem, Heal & Release on your subconscious level. Proper suggestions are also given to develop confidence.

Think about one problem in the mind at one time to solve it.


This is one of the excellent programs i have ever attended. I have learnt & practised new techniques. I wish i could have attended this program much earlier.
Bhaskar Battu, Thane.

The course was good & informative. It gives instant relaxation and the method of giving positive suggestions is wonderful.
MD Junaid Ali, Hyderabad.

Mr. Pradeep Aggarwal has taught me new things. I can now think of going into trance and program myself for day to day challenges.
Ravichander S. Iyer, Mumbai.

This Workshop is simply amazing and life changing. I have learnt
self-hypnosis for relaxation, goal setting and many more things
that I need in my life.

Pooja D., Mumbai.

The content of the course was more then what I expected. The techniques shown by Mr. Pradeep Aggarwal was fantastic esp. the goal setting. I have learnt how to achieve difficult tasks in a
shorter period of time. I will always use the goal setting program taught by Mr. Pradeep Aggarwal.

Shabbir Ahmed, Maharashtra.

It was fantastic and wonderful. I have no words for Pradeep sir. He is my ideal trainer. The goal setting and developing rapport techniques are awesome. It has helped me to grow as a businessman and human being. Pradeep sir keep conducting the Workshops frequently
and spread the awareness about hypnosis in our country.

Dr. Bharat S. Wagh, Pune

I am empowered with the techniques of hypnosis. They can be practised effortlessely, naturally and automatically. I've learnt self-hypnosis, NLP techniques, relaxation, concentration and the most important I have learnt how to make use of the extra power of the subconscious mind which we do not use before.
Dr. Shankar Chawla, Mumbai.

This workshop is most informative and demostrative and had a wider coverage.This course enables self-improvement, improves quality of life, enables to overcome weaknesses and
physical and mental disabilities and blocks.

Ashok N. Vanage, Dadar (Mumbai)

Its Wonderful amazing, thankyou very much sir already changes working for me, every thing can be done easily and effectively, its unbelievable, thank you once again.
Pandu ranga reddy, Secunderabad.

It is excellent and practising this will help us achieve great fears
in our life. The thinking programming my mind in to the immediate outsourcing of solving my problems it will help me to clear off all my debts at the earliest.

E Ganesh, Chennai.

An effective program to improve quality life set goals, removal of mental blocks.
Raghavendra rao, Hyderabad.

It is very useful to every person especially a person is feeling social responsibility.
Ramadevi. Hanmakonda.

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