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Powerful techniques to loose weight for a slim and beautiful YOU

By the end of this article, you will amaze yourself, as you will be aware of the hypnotic techniques that can help you drop out the extra calories that once stole the charm of your life and your

As a practitioner of Hypnosis I got various patients who were suffering with the problem of obesity. Many among them were the young girls. They came to me distressed and upset of their life and when they left, they were having a new and a positive attitude towards life. Such is the power of hypnosis. Two prominent causes that were making them worried and disturbed were (a). They cannot wear clothes, which they want to because of their over-weight and (b). The second cause was more severe than this; they were upset because the boys will not look at them. The boys call them aunty.

The hypnosis knows how severe this problem is. In this modern world, you have to maintain yourself so that you do not look outdated. The simple self-hypnotic techniques can make you gain the shape of your body, as you have always desired.

How hypnosis can help, you lose weight. It can do so because it orders your subconscious mind to make sufficient changes for your benefit. Hypnosis makes it possible.

Here goes the 5 secret hypnotic techniques to lose weight:

1. Do not go for dieting: This is one of the basic and important secrets of hypnosis. People usually follow the short-cut method to lose weight i.e., dieting. However, it hardly works. The more you
will deprive yourself of the food, the more you will generate curiosity towards it, as it is the tendency of man. Man has the habit the things, which he is told not to do. Thus, if you decide
not to eat your mind thinks more of food. Eat less instead of dieting - this is the basic concept in hypnosis to loose weight.

2. Think less of food: This is another hypnotic technique, which works wonders. Experts say that people not only eat when they are hungry but also when they are alone, upset or stressed. This are
the things that hypnosis reveals you. They seek eating as a relief from their problems or tensions. So, in hypnosis you are advised not to think of food often. You have to keep yourself busy when you feel alone. Involve yourself in any task so that you can avoid the thought of food at least for some time this is secret hypnosis.

3. Eat only when you are hungry and stop when you think you have finished; Hypnosis advises you should eat your food only when you think you are hungry. People eat their food when they think they must no matter they are hungry or not. Hypnosis advises you to stop your food as soon as you think you should stop. Do not eat to stop from food from getting waste instead take less.

4. Program your mind: It is totally in your hand to rule your mind and heart. Do not become the victim of your feelings. Be a practical person. Before you at any thing think what benefit is it
causing you or what harm is it providing you. Restrict your mind of eating more. Remember that all is in your hand. You can make changes if you are willing to do so.

5. Checkout your diet: You need to keep a constant watch on your food. Hypnosis can help you do so. You need to think whether your diet is healthy one or an unhealthy one. If you eat too much of wrong food such as pastries, chocolates, carbohydrates then you are in a severe need to keep an eye on your food.

6. Visualize yourself as slim: When you begin your journey of weight lose with hypnosis, you have to visualize yourself as slim and beautiful you. This mental movie gives you strength and
eagerness to be slim and healthy. Feel the difference when you see yourself as slim. Experience how it feels to be. The feeling that you get is the source of your strength.

Exercise: This simple hypnotic exercise can change your complete outlook:

We all have a dream girl or boy in our life. How is the person about whom you dream? Will you like a fatty, short or stout person who looks like your uncle? Or, would you prefer a smart, beautiful and up-to-date person? Feel the difference yourself. Hypnosis makes you understand the difference. When you yourself do not like the person who will be fat then how can, you expect that others will like you in spite of your obesity or fatness.

STEP 1. Sit is relaxed and calm place where you are not disturbed.

STEP 2. Think that you are at a place where there are of variety of food recipes that are no doubt, mouth-watering. The dinning table consists of sweets like pudding, cake, pastries and many more. In addition to this it contains pizza, cheeseburger, chicken etc. The plus point is that there is no one to see you. You are alone with that huge variety of food.

STEP 4. What will you do? Ask your mind to ignore the presence of the food. Think the high calorie food as a foe of your figure.

STEP 5. Recall the time when you were not hungry and not interested in food. Relive the same feeling of disinterest on seeing the food, which is in front of you.

STEP 6. Once you win over your feelings to control the diet, you are the winner.

This easy, simple yet powerful hypnotic exercise work wonders. Hypnosis can help you regain your lost confidence and interest that your obesity snatched away from you. Try out to believe it.

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