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Pradeep Aggarwal

Member of International Medical & Dental Hypnotherapist Association.

Head of Institute of Mind Control & Development.

Certified NLP Trainer

Consultant & Trainer for Atheletes, Sports Person & Organizations.

He is a Certified LAW OF ATTRACTION facilitator, trained by Micheal Losier - Canada.

He is a Certified NLP Sports Practitioner & a Diploma in Sports Hypnosis by Trained Brain - UK.

He is a Licensed Practitioner of - Integral Eye Movement Therapy & a Licensed Practioner of Weight Loss Therapy Certified by Andrew T Austin - The Fresh Brain Company Ltd. - UK.

He is a Licenced LAB PROFILE Practitioner Certified by Shelle Rose Charvet - Success Strategies - Canada.

Conducting LIFE CHANGING Workshop for over 35 Years in India & Abroad.

More than 95,000 People have attended his workshop and reported incredible changes in their lives.

Author of 100 audio titles and several Books - 'Affirmations,' 'The Power of Creative Visualization and Personal Transformation In 7 Weeks.'

Author of More than 100 Audio's & Home Study Courses in DVD Format and Several Amazing E-Books.

"Who Else Wants to Learn Hypnosis from
A Certified Trainer Who Will Reveal To
You The Secrets of Hypnotic Success And
From Whom You Will Learn Amazing Hypnotic Techniques"

Learn How To Hypnotize Anyone in
30 Seconds or Less!

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Learn how to hypnotize and give demonstrations anywhere either with friends or family in parties!


Amaze your buddies, colleagues and relatives with hypnotic powers!


Hypnotize Anyone in 60 Seconds or Less with Instant Hypnosis

Hypnosis- Demonstration of Eye Open Hypnosis - Forgetting Name & Number

Instant Induction

Hypnosis - Induction - Arm levitation Method

"The Amazing Secrets Of A Master Hypnotist That
Lets Others Hypnotize Anytime "
The Fastest, Easiest, & Most Powerful Hypnotic Techniques

Instant Hypnosis - Handpull Technique

Hypnosis - Suggestibility Test -
Falling Forward & backward

"If you can talk....You can also hypnotize people "
You just need to know what to say, and how to say it. And that's what I'm going to teach you in this workshop.

Have you ever wanted to hypnotize someone?

Have you ever seen one of those performances on the sidewalk, or may be in
a bar and wondered how it was done?

I will teach you how to place your subject into a hypnotic trance, and then implant suggestions into their subconscious mind.

If you want to master the art of hypnosis, in only one short hour, this is the
workshop for you!!!

Learn How to Hypnotize Others
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Waking Hypnosis - Hypnotic Suggestibility Test

  Hypnotic anesthesia with magic spot

Imagine yourself hypnotizing anyone, anytime with this step by step simple program and start using these principles immediately..

Starting From…

    • How to approach
    • Start the conversation
    • Keep the conversation going
    • Get inside your subjects head
    • Create deep and lasting rapport
    • Generate a powerful sense of attraction

    HYPNOTIZE your clients, friends and family

    • This workshop provides you with the tools and techniques to hypnotize anyone.

    • You can lay a deep and powerful impact on others and impress others.

    • Have fun hypnotizing your friends and try these methods on complete strangers.

    • You will be admired and respected as you will become a MASTER HYPNOTIST. 

    Pride and Confidence as a Hypnotist

    As you begin hypnotizing and develop your knowledge and understanding of Hypnosis, your levels of personal pride and self-esteem will soar. A successful Hypnotist will usually be a proud person with great confidence, And a strong ego and a high sense of self-worth. If you want to be a Hypnotist and hypnotize others - and are prepared to put in the effort - then you probably can be!


    Suggestibility Test- Using a Pendulum

    HYPNOTIZE anyone instantly with the snap of your fingers

    By attending this Workshop you can use rapid and instant induction techniques to induce trance in less than 3 seconds. Then you will be able to teach people Self-Hypnosis and do Hypnosis Anesthesia. All these can be done in less than 5 minutes. Definitely you need to practice these techniques to really master it. Then you will be able to do it anytime, anywhere, easily and effortlessly.



    Eye open waking hypnosis with waking hypnosis demonstrations. Arm catalepsy,
    name and number amnesia, happy finger, mouth lock and hand stuck to the forehead

    This course is for you, if:

    1. You want to become a master hypnotist.

    2. You want to use hypnosis to help yourself and others.

    3. You want to hypnotize others.

    4. You want to amaze your friends.

    5. You want to give demos.

    6. You want to add hypnosis to your professional toolkit.


    1. Learning the fundamental basics of hypnosis .

    2. Realizing just how easy it is to use the skills of a professional hypnotist

    3. You can start your own hypnosis business or just play around in your spare time.


    How to do Instant Hynosis


    How To Do Instant Hypnotic Shock Inductions, Re induction Using
    Post Hypnotic Induction


    What will you learn in this workshop?

    In fact, you are about to discover exactly how it's done, so that even if you're a total beginner, in less than one hour you will be able to hypnotize and show off the incredible power of the mind...

    • Hypnotizing Groups
    • Creating Irresistible Rapport and Connection
    • Instant induction theory and how to invent your own induction
    • How to use instant inductions in your professional Practice
    • Enjoying More Fun and Success in Your Life

    This workshop provides you all that you need to become a MASTER HYPNOTIST.
    This course teaches you simple and easy techniques to put a person into Deep Hypnotic Trance.

    1. Each technique has an introduction, which explains how and why the technique is used.
    2. The instant induction - inducing trance in less than 3 seconds.
    3. The Rapid Induction - a fun and gentle way to induce trance in 3-4 minutes.
    4. The Progressive Relaxation - complete mind and body relaxation.
    5. Eight best effective trance-deepening techniques.
    6. How to do an efficient and effective Pre-Talk, The Pre-talk will teach you what Hypnosis is, how Hypnosis works and how to gain rapport with your client, so that everyone is hypnotizable.
    7. Each induction, deepening technique and pre-talk come with its very own script for to read and follow and make hypnosis easy.
    8. Everything you need to know to perform effective hypnosis equal to certified Hypnotists.
    9. The latest techniques and approaches in advanced Hypnosis/Hypnotherapy.


    Magnetic Finger Suggestibility Test for Hypnotic Induction


    Arm catalepsy, hand stuck to the head, eye lock, legs stuck to the floor and then instant hypnotic induction. 

    Most Powerful Techniques Explained
    in this Workshop –

    1. Dave Elman Powerful Induction Technique -One of the most powerful technique in hypnosis. It takes just 3 minutes to put a person into deep hypnotic stage and works 95% of the time.
    2. Hypnotic Anesthesia
    3. Healing Methods
    4. Controlling Pain - Self and in others.
    5. How to give Hypnotic Presentation / Demonstrations
    6. How to hypnotize children – You can help children in improving their concentration, memory, habits, and studies.
    7. Non verbal induction (Inducing Hypnosis without using a word).
    8. Power of Internal Dialogue
    9. Affirmation
    10. Suggestibility Tests: It includes
      • Eye Closure
      • Eye Roll
      • Spiegel eye roll
      • Finger magnet
      • Hand magnet
      • Arm Levitation
      • Hand lock
      • Arm stiffening
      • Eye Catalepsy
      • Postural sway
      • The Balloon & a Dictionary
    11. Waking Hypnosis
    12. Post Hypnotic Suggestions
    13. Yes/No Finger Signals to communicate with your subconscious mind and healing.
    14. Pendulam Yes/No Signals to communicate with your subconscious mind and healing.
    15. How to formulate suggestions
    16. How to give theraupatic suggestions
    17. How to teach self hypnosis to others
    18. Hypnosis phenomena and demonstrations
    19. Deepening techniques
    20. Instant and Rapid Inductions: It includes
      • The Energizer
      • Arm Pull Induction
      • Hand Drop Induction
      • Arm Levitation
      • Analytical Rapid Process
      • Standing Instantaneous Induction
      • Clasped hands
      • Drop Back Induction
      • Rapid hands Together method
      • Permissive Arm Pull Rapid method
      • Permissive Rapid Eye Catalepsy method
    21. Two new techniques of brief hypnotherapy
    22. Ericksonian method of Induction
    23. Magic spot for hypnotic anesthesia
    24. How to give lecture - demonstration of hypnosis
    25. And many more techniques



    Special Offer :

    Normal Price :
    Rs.10,000/- + Rs.1,800/- (GST) = Rs.11,800/-

    Special Offer Price :
    Rs.5,000/- + Rs.900/- (GST) = Rs.5,900/-

    Limited Offer !
    Offer can be removed anytime

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