24 Lessons to Master Secrets of Hypnotism

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Hypnosis is simply a natural state of mind. Everyone has felt the state of mind at one time or another. Hypnosis is pretty much like meditation. Many of us will fall into such natural state without even knowing it.

Hypnosis is a mental status where one is in a wakeful state of concentrated attention. In such a situation a person is responsive to any suggestions he July be given and will follow up on those suggestions

What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a light "trance"--a state somewhere between sleeping and waking. People in a hypnotic trance are typically very focused on one stimulus to the exclusion of others. People in a hypnotic trance are also somewhat suggestible, although they are by no means unable to control themselves and continue to bear full responsibility for their actions.

All hypnotists have a certain techniques they use to put someone in a relaxed state so that their subconscious mind can receive certain instructions or information. The techniques they use have been proven to work and have been passed down from generation to generation

When you think of extraordinary communication, public speaking, or charisma, what comes to your mind?  Who comes to your mind?  Everyone has a different opinion of what makes a person great, but a great speaker will always stand out in memory.

24 Lessons is About..

24 Lessons To Master Secrets of Hypnosis – is a complete book on Hypnosis in every detail, with no ‘secrets’ of hypnotism left out. It is easy to learn hypnotism with this book…If you will just use the book as it is intended to be used. What you'll learn from this book -


  • How a Beginner Can Become an Expert Hypnotist

  • Vital Rules for a Successful Hypnotist

  • How to Get Willing and Cooperating Subjects

  • Four Secrets to Get People Ready for Hypnosis

  • How to Give Effective Suggestions in Hypnotism

  • Precautions in Hypnotism

  • Awakening Techniques in Hypnotism

  • Preparation Exercises for Hypnotism

  • The Best Hypnotic Induction Technique

  • Other Hypnotic Induction Techniques

  • How to Hypnotize for the Very First Time

  • Best Methods to Deepen Hypnosis

  • How to Test for Depth of Hypnosis

  • How to Hypnotize Yourself (Self Hypnosis)

  • How to Hypnotize a Group of People (Mass Hypnotism)

  • Instant and Disguised Hypnotism

  • How to Use Hypnotism to Entertain People

  • How to Make Money With Hypnotism

  • How to Hypnotize a Sleeping Person

  • Remote Control Hypnosis

  • Hypnotism in Extra Sensory Perception (ESP)

  • The Secret Nerve Pressure Technique in Hypnotism

  • Sleep Learning and Hypnotism

Now You Can Easily Hypnotise Anyone by just following the Simple Step by Step lessons of this Book.

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