It is very good can we become master in this course for some social service like with heartattacks.
    Janardhan reddy, Adilabad.

    Its Wonderful amazing, thankyou very much sir already changes working for me, every thing can be done easily and effectively, its unbelievable, thank you once again.
    Pandu ranga reddy, secunderabad.

    The Self Hypnotherapy, improving rapport is a true impact, as i like it very much.
    K V Kalyan, Hyderabad.

    It is excellent and practising this will help us achieve great feats in our life. The thinking programming my mind in to the immediate outsourcing of solving my problems , it will help me to clear off all my debts at the earliest.
    E Ganesh, Chennai.

    An effective program to improve quality life set goals, removal of mental blocks.
    Raghavendra rao, Hyderabad.

    It is very useful to every person especially a person is feeling social responsibility.
    Ramadevi. Hanmakonda.

    Its nice workshop one can help to discover ones own potential and peacefully achieve goals with self determinination.
    Maqdum Mohiudiin Baber, Saudi Arabia.

    The core belief to remove negative thinking and beliefs that can make me a better person in my life.
    Urmila Pittie, Hyderabad.

    Mr. Pradeep Aggarwal has taught me new things. I can now think of going into trance and program myself for day to day challenges.
    Ravichander S. Iyer, Mumbai.

    This Workshop is simply amazing and life changing. I have learnt self-hypnosis for relaxation, goal setting and many more things that I need in my life.
    Pooja D., Mumbai.

    The content of the course was more then what I expected. The techniques shown by Mr. Pradeep Aggarwal was fantastic esp. the goal setting. I have learnt how to achieve difficult tasks in a shorter period of time. I will always use the goal setting program taught by Mr. Pradeep Aggarwal.
    Shabbir Ahmed, Maharashtra.

    It was fantastic and wonderful. I have no words for Pradeep sir. He is my ideal trainer.The goal setting and developing rapport techniques are awesome. It has helped me to grow as a businessman and human being. Pradeep sir keep conducting the Workshops frequently and spread the awareness about hypnosis in our country.
    Dr. Bharat S. Wagh, Pune

    I am empowered with the techniques of hypnosis. They can be practised effortlessely, naturally and automatically. I've learnt self-hypnosis, NLP techniques, relaxation, concentration and the most important I have learnt how to make use of the extra power of the subconscious mind which we do not use before.
    Dr. Shankar Chawla, Mumbai.

    This workshop is most informative and demostrative and had a wider coverage.This course enables self-improvement, improves quality of life, enables to overcome weaknesses and physical and mental disabilities and blocks.
    Ashok N. Vanage, Dadar (Mumbai)





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