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Use NLP as a Tool to Realize your Dreams

We always have a vision about the future. When we think about our future we have images, we see ourselves as succeeding or failing in life. Many of us are not really satisfied with what we are doing in life. We feel frustrated as we have different kinds of expectations.

There are people who want to successfully stop smoking or kick out of a bad habit but are unable to do it. Some of them are unhappy with their choice of job or about their relationship. Let us give you some pointers on how you can identify what you want from life and on those things, which you want to let go. You have to stop and assess the present life and figure out what you really want in your life. Do not focus too heavily on them initially.


Once you have identified the things that you would love to remove from your life maybe like your current job you can take the next step and identify those things that you want to continue in the future. Identify the good things in your life, which make you feel happy like good health, intimate friendships, a family who loves you, a job of your choice etc.
You may want to quit your current job and spend time to further your studies or to pursue your hobbies.

After you have made your mind clear about the things you want to retain in your life and the things that you want to avoid then you can identify what you want to achieve in your future. You could think about those things or people that you want to be certainly associated with in the near future. It may be a loving relationship, or a work, which gives you satisfaction, or personal development, family, or relatives you are close to. All those things and people, which give you happiness in life. Initially you are choosing the things on a large scale.

The next step would be to think on a smaller scale, those specific things, which make your life more fulfilling and meaningful. It may be being outdoors, learning something new or working with certain people. Let your unconscious mind set a target as ‘fulfilling work’ and then you will know when you have got it.

To realize your dreams you need to make your mind clear about what you really want and one you realize that you can begin to work in that direction. NLP is what is helping you to program your mind to achieve what you want in life.



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