Who else wants to effortlessly transform their lives using the power of Hypnosis and NLP?

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With Demonstrations & Exercises EVER MADE …
In a set of 5 DVDs + 2 Bonus CDs(1 MP3 & 1 PDF)
More than 10 hours of practical demonstrations, exercises with easy to understand instructions
Delivers what you have been looking for years to learn Hypnosis & NLP and reap rich benefits from them.

In this Powerful Video Course:you will learn :

Hypnosis :

  • What is Hypnosis, Myths about Hypnosis and how it works
  • What is conscious mind and subconscious mind and how it worksHow subconscious mind is programmed
  • How imagination affects you physically
  • Why imagination is much more powerful than will power
  • How to go into self-hypnosis instantly, program you subconscious mind and come out of it safely within 30 seconds.
  • How to give practice positive suggestions to make positive changes in your subconscious mind
  • How to formulate effective suggestions.
  • Different methods of formulating suggestions
  • How to identify your negative blocks and release them
  • How to control your emotions instantly by programming a trigger word in your subconscious mind.
  • Communicate with your subconscious mind using finger signals and pendulum to find the cause of your problem and solve it.
  • Learn hypnotic anesthesia to control pain
  • Hypnotizing others, Instant and Rapid Inductions techniques
  • Learn how to teach self-hypnosis
  • Healing – 7 most common reasons for psychometric problems.
  • Find the cause of the problem and releasing it.
  • Using Imagery for Healing – Using imagery for healing you will learn how to create imagery to solve your problems.
  • Distance Healing - Healing someone from distance. Different methods to control pain with self hypnosis.


The NLP Techniques :

  • Developing Rapport – You will learn how to make other people like you in trust you and trust you within 90 seconds.
  • Mind Triggers – (Anchors): For creating state of mind so that when you need them, you can use those trigger words and recreate the positive state of mind.
  • Developing Rapport with groups – You will learn how to develop rapport with groups and have captivating audience.
  • How to improve relationship – Using this powerful NLP technique you will be able to learn how to improve relationships with your family, friends,Colleagues, client and customer tremendously.
  • Goal Setting - In very simple steps, you will learn to formulate goals and program your subconscious mind using advanced timeline technique, in such a way that your mind start moving towards your goal and aim.
  • Circle of Excellence - This is a powerful NLP technique to draw resources from your past like confidence, patience, clear thinking and associate those feelings for future events and situations in such a way, the moment you are there, you will instantly feel that feeling of confidence, patience and clear thinking and this will have a tremendous positive impact on the outcome of effort. You can use powerful technique whenever you want to gain instant confidence for future events and situations in life.
  • Accelerated Learning - accelerated learning and mind trigger to encourage and ensure your focus and concentration. It increases your memory, concentration, creativity and assimilation of knowledge.
  • Remove fear or Phobia – Mind triggers to remove your fear and phobia. Dispel all your fears with fast phobia cure.

Psychic Power :

  • Mental Projection – the simple exercise to increase your psychic power.
  • Past Life Regression – You will learn how to guide yourself to vivid memories of your past life and thereby gain and understanding of the present lives.
  • Guides and Masters – You will learn how to create guides and masters in this exercise to take advice to solve your problem.
  • Miracle Manifestation – This technique will program your subconscious mind to expect the positive miracle happen to you. What you expect to happen tends to happen. In the hypnotist you are guide to program your subconscious mind to manifest a miracle happening to you.

This course will lead you, holding your hand to program
your subconscious mind to…

* Awaken the GIANT within you

* Develop Positive Attitude

* Become a GOAL setter and GO getter.

This Audio/Video in a very simple and easy to understand language demonstrates the fascinating Hypnosis and NLP techniques that you will learn at your home and at your leisure, throughout this course…

You Augest wonder Exactly what is Hypnosis & NLP In this LIVE recorded Videowill dispel all myths and tell you the true facts And teach you step by step, word by word all the Hypnosis & NLP techniques with easy to understand Demonstrations and exercises to IMPROVE your life…

After completing this course, you'll be:

  • Able to go into the self-hypnosis and program your subconscious mind.
  • Able to remove your stress and anxiety and control your emotions.
  • Able to formulate creative, powerful and positive suggestions and program your subconscious mind.
  • Identify your negative blocks and remove them.
  • Control pain.
  • Able to hypnotize others instantly.
  • Teach them hypnosis to solve their problem.
  • Able to find out the cause of your problem and heal it.
  • Learn a formula to create your own imagery and heal it.
  • Learn other from distance, this is called ‘Psychic Healing'.
  • Able to develop a rapport with any one within 90 seconds whether it is person or the group.
  • Learn to set up a goal and put it into future time using the ‘Advanced Time Line Technique.’
  • To have confidence at your fingertips and at any time.
  • Start enjoying the subject which was previously difficult for you.
  • Remove your fear and become super-confident.
  • Develop your psychic power.
  • And many more…


The proven and successful techniques demonstrated in this video course benefits persons from all field and aspect to maximize their earning potential through improved focus concentration.

More than 95,000 people all over the World have experienced PHENOMENAL changes in their lives after attending this very same Hypno/NLP Self Improvement workshop

This explosive package comes in a set of 5 DVDs + 2 Bonus CDs(in MP3 format and 1 PDF) FREE Bonuses – Books in PDF format

5 DVDs – More than 10 hours of Videos
1 Audio CD – Complete self improvement
Video workshop with recording in MP3 format.
1 Manual,5 Books in pdf format (bonus)
1 audio cd (bonus)

Free Bonuses

  1. Affirmations
  2. Personal Transformation In 7 Weeks
  3. The Power Of Creative Visualization
  4. Stage Hypnosis
  5. Induction Techniques
  6. How To Become a Master Hypnotist
  7. Uncovering the Cause of problem & developing confidence

Normal Price :
Rs.7,000/- + Rs.1,260/- (GST) = Rs.8,620/-

Special Offer Price :
Rs.5,000 + Rs.900/- (GST) = Rs.5,900/-

Limited Offer !
Offer can be removed anytime

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Workshop In Action!

Sample Video

How The Participants Have Rated This Seminar ?

Read What Previous Participants Have To Say...


This is one of the excellent programs i have ever attended. I have learnt & practised new techniques. I wish i could have attended this program much earlier.

Bhaskar Battu, Thane.
The course was good & informative. It gives instant relaxation and the method of giving positive suggestions is wonderful.

MD Junaid Ali.
Mr. Pradeep Aggarwal has taught me new things. I can now think of going into trance and program myself for day to day challenges.

Ravichander S. Iyer, Mumbai.
This Workshop is simply amazing and life changing. I have learnt self-hypnosis for relaxation, goal setting and many more things that I need in my life.

Pooja D.
The content of the course was more then what I expected. The techniques shown by Mr. Pradeep Aggarwal was fantastic esp. the goal setting. I have learnt how to achieve difficult tasks in a shorter period of time. I will always use the goal setting program taught by Mr. Pradeep Aggarwal.

Shabbir Ahmed, Mumbai
It was fantastic and wonderful. I have no words for Pradeep sir. He is my ideal trainer. The goal setting and developing rapport techniques are awesome. It has helped me to grow as a businessman and human being. Pradeep sir keep conducting the Workshops frequently and spread the awareness about hypnosis in our country.

Dr. Bharat S. Wagh, Pune
Dadar (Mumbai)
I am empowered with the techniques of hypnosis. They can be practised effortlessely, naturally and automatically. I've learnt self-hypnosis, NLP techniques, relaxation, concentration and the most important I have learnt how to make use of the extra power of the subconscious mind which we do not use before.

Dr. Shankar Chawla, Mumbai.
This workshop is most informative and demostrative and had a wider coverage.This course enables self-improvement, improves quality of life, enables to overcome weaknesses and physical and mental disabilities and blocks.

Ashok N. Vanage, Dadar (Mumbai)
Its Wonderful amazing, thankyou very much sir already changes working for me, every thing can be done easily and effectively, its unbelievable, thank you once again.

Pandu ranga reddy.
It is excellent and practising this will help us achieve great fears in our life. The thinking programming my mind in to the immediate outsourcing of solving my problems it will help me to clear off all my debts at the earliest.

E Ganesh.
An effective program to improve quality life set goals, removal of mental blocks.

Raghavendra Rao.
It is very useful to every person especially a person is feeling social responsibility.


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