4 Common Goal Setting Mistakes and How to Avoid Them for Golfers

4 Common Goal Setting Mistakes and How to Avoid Them for Golfers

When golfers learn about the power of goal setting they do a few things wrong that can cause goals to lose their effectiveness.

Here are 4 common goal setting mistakes that most of the golfers make when setting goals

Mistake # 1 - Setting Too Many Goals Too Soon

It's only natural that when you first learn about how to set goals that you are eager to do and use this everywhere. When golfers set too many goals they generally get so overwhelmed with the amount of record keeping that is involved that they give up.

I don't want this to happen to you so here's what you should do. I generally advice golfers to first pick one goal and set about achieving that and once they have achieved it, then select another goal and so on. Build slowly and you'll find you won't get overwhelmed. If you ever feel overwhelmed simply start this simple process again and pretty soon it will become a habit for you and you'll learn to handle more and more goals.

Mistake # 2 - Setting Goals That Are Too General

Golfers generally make this goal setting mistake, they set goals that are too generic in nature. Setting general goals is almost as bad as having no goals and to easily stop this problem always, always measure your goals against the "SMART" acronym.

  • S-pecific
  • M-easurable
  • A-ction orientated
  • R-ealistic
  • T-ime conscious

Doing this will hopefully stop the mistake of setting general goals like "I must hole more putts."

Mistake # 3 - Failing To Modify Unrealistic Goals

If you are on the practice green and you have set a goal of holing 1000 three foot putts, and you can only hole 20 three footers in a row then it's probably a good time to modify your goal. A good change might be to change your target to holing 30 or 40 putts in a row. Setting a goal just out of reach will help but setting a goal that is unachievable will just cause frustration, which is what golfers should strictly avoid. Frustration will affect their nature, their confidence level and ultimately their game.

Mistake # 4 - Failing To Set Performance Goals

If you remember back to your great rounds I bet you weren't thinking about your score when you were playing so well (you probably were at the end and that's when the tension sets in, isn't it?). When you've putted like a magician I bet you weren't thinking about what holing the putt would mean to your score but instead you would've been immersed in the performance of smoothness.

Conclusion : Remember, if your performances are up to your potential then so will your results. So forget about the outcome (i.e. your score) and focus on improving the things that improve your score (i.e. your performance in critical areas, long game, short game, putting etc.)

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