7 Tips to Setup Positive and Action Oriented Goals

7 Tips to Setup Positive and Action Oriented Goals

We all know that golf is 90% mental game and only 10% physical. Being the major portion of the game is played by mind, golfers are required to be mentally prepared and alert, which is not at all an easy task. What happens of the time is golfers fail to setup positive and action oriented goals. The worse happens when golfers setup negative or unrealistic goals. In this article, we will tell you the importance of goal setting for golfers, common goal setting mistakes that golfers make and how to setup positive goals.

Why Goal Setting is Important for Golfers ?

Goal setting is very crucial while playing golf and any other game because goal setting helps you identify your target(s) that you wish to achieve.

How to I Set Positive Goals to Improve My Golf Game ?

It's virtually pointless in setting negative goals, but having said that it's better than not setting any goals. To set a goal in a positive way is really easy, but like anything it's only easy when you know how. Here's what you should do to set positive goals.

First of all identify the actions that you would like to produce as opposed to the actions that you are trying to avoid. For example, instead of stating a goal like "my goal is not to miss any putts inside 2 feet today," you should state the goal like "I will hole all putts inside two feet today." That's all there is to it.

Goal Setting for Golfers : Now here are seven tips that will help you to write and set-up positive and action oriented goals more effectively.

Goal Should Simple and Easy to Remember : Write the goal in a short compact way. Your goal should be simple and easy to remember.

Use Positive Language : Use positive and emotive words (e.g. enthusiastically, happily, etc.)

Use Present Tense, No Future : State the goal in the present tense.

Use Personalized Language : Use the pronoun "I" and personal language, like your name for instance.

Use Words That Ease Your Stress : Use If you are trying to change an action use words like easily, regularly, etc.

Describe Each Goal : When writing your goals you should only have one goal in each statement.

Check Your Goal Against SMART Acronym : To check your goal always measure it against the S.M.A.R.T acronym :

  • S-pecific
  • M-easurable
  • A-ction orientated
  • R-ealistic
  • T-ime conscious

So now I will give you an example and we will test it against the "SMART" acronym. Let's say I am having trouble with short putts. How can I use goal setting to help me improve my putting? Simple. I'll write out a goal first as to what I want to achieve....

"I, Bob Smith, have fun holing 50 two foot putts in a row by 5.00pm 10.10.00."

Goal Setting for Golfers : Now let's test this statement and see if it's a "SMART" one

Is Your Goal Specific ?

Yes, it clearly states what I want to do.

Is Your Goal Measurable ?

Yes, I will be easily able to count the amount of putts I have holed in succession and if I hole 49 and then miss one, I will then have to start again.

Is Your Goal Action Orientated ?

Yes, it concerns the action of putting.

Is Your Goal Realistic ?

Well, that depends because I didn't say what time I was writing the goal. If I was writing this goal at 4.55pm on 10.10.00 then it wouldn't be realistic, but if I had half an hour to complete this goal, then I'd consider that realistic.

Is Your Goal Time-conscious ?

Yes, the statement clearly states what time it has to be completed by to attain the goal.

If you've used goals before then you are among only 4% of the world population who does. A lot of people do not realize the importance of going through this simple process and all it takes is only a couple of minutes to write down a goal, and it can give you so much benefit.

Conclusion : When you are writing down a goal you are making a commitment to yourself, and when you are fully committed you are much more likely to succeed. If you want to be a golfing success then you must write down your goals from today onwards.

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