Hypnosis – 5 Astonishing Ways to Get Motivation Towards Your GOAL and Achieve It

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By the end of this article, you will be surprised to know the extent of motivation in your inner self and how it helps you to achieve your goal. Often people posses the qualities that can make them achieve their goals but there are some factors that restrict their personality and this happen because people posses many little facts that can inspire them to achieve their goals.

Do you have the motivation to achieve your goal? Are you prepared for that ?
To the person who lacks the proper motivation, hypnosis is nothing less than a magical word for them. Of course, hypnosis can derive your motivation back, because motivation is the sole thing that inspires a person to work towards his goal.

The five simple hypnotic ways can help you regain or gain your motivation to do things in your life. They are:

1. Be Specific about your goal: A vague idea can never become a goal. In hypnosis, you have to be specific and accurate about your goal and your destination. You have to make up your mind to achieve and strive for a particular goal. Hypnosis says that whatever you think and imagine you end up achieving that. The following saying proves that.

- Donald Curtis

2. Examine the necessity of the goal: Just as a vague idea cannot become a goal, similarly you cannot work on an idea when you do not know the necessity and benefit of that goal. With hypnosis, you can even identify whether the particular goal suits you or not. You have to ask yourself the following hypnotic questions.

• How does this goal benefit me?

• Is it having any ill effects?

• What will you achieve with this goal?

After these questions, the answers that you will get from your inner self will give you the actual motivation. For instance, the answer for the first question could be this particular goal can help me to prove myself. It is a mode that can help me to make a mark for myself, as it is a platform that will expose my talents. (This is called positive self-motivation in hypnosis.)

3. Imagine the situation that would come after you achieve your goal: Visualization – is one of the powerful motivational devices in hypnosis. Imagine how beautiful and content your life would be if you achieve that goal. Just think about the completeness that would govern your life. You happy you would be. Feel the future in the present itself with hypnosis. the future happiness gives you motivation in the present to achieve that goal.

4. Ideal motivator: Many people have many famous persons or celebrities as their ideal. People follow them but I suggest that when you make someone as your ideal, you should also take into account the several hardships that they have gone through in their lives. No one can escape of the difficulties, the only way to escape is to quit. Your ideal motivator can motivate you towards your goal. Thus, it is quite advisable in hypnosis to make someone as your ideal person. If your ideal is Abraham Lincoln, you should know about the obstacles that he suffered in his life and if any sports person is your ideal then you also strive to make a name like him.

5. Be prepared for the ups and downs that your goal involves: Ups and downs are the part of every one’s life. They are the best motivators if they are taken as a challenge rather than as an obstacle or a restricting block. You have to be ready for the pros and cons of your goal.

The following is one of the powerful exercises in hypnosis that can motivate you and fix your eyes on your goal without being deviated.

a. Sit in a clam and comfortable place with your eyes closed. Feel then complete relaxation in your body, feel the muscles as loose, limb, and relaxed.

b. Now, imagine in your mind’s eye the goal that you want to achieve.

c. Imagine how you would look like if you achieve your goal.

d. Feel yourself as standing with that goal as if you have achieved it. Feel the contentness that you feel after achieving that goal.

e. Now make that picture of that goal as bigger, brighter and more colorful. Just notice how good you feel after seeing at that picture.

f. Now, the final stage, just enter that brighter picture of your goal and feel as you actually achieved that.

This is powerful, easy and simple exercise. This exercise can motivate you towards your goal. If you make hypnosis as your ideal companion, there would be no sphere where you will find yourself restrictive.

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