What Is Hypnosis

Change your Mind,change your Life

Hypnosis is a method by which we can alter our state of awareness, allowing us to focus upon issues or ideas of our choosing. Hypnosis is a tool, which we can utilize to enhance or enable whatever we set our minds to accomplish. We can use this tool to build self-esteem and confidence, add clarity and a sense of control to our lives. In the hypnotic state we can access the subconscious mind to implement, at the most effective level, the changes we desire.

Imagine the mind and body as a computer with storage, retrieval and operating systems, which we use in measuring, evaluating and directing all we do. Consider the conscious mind as our input devise, the subconscious mind the hard drive with the programs running and the critical faculty as the link between them. If the input isn’t in harmony with the program, which is running, the critical faculty will not allow it to be connected – sorry, wrong number!

HYPNOSIS is a condition of trance brought
about by suggestion

We all possess far more mental potential than we normally use. Yet much of our potential is not conscious. Another mind, a vast creative inner power operates beneath our normal conscious awareness. The challenge, if we want to use our full potential, is to learn how to open the door to that inner vast world.

If we can learn how to use both the surface and the depth of our mind productivity, then we open up entirely new possibilities. The key is knowing how to access that deep inner space. Fortunately, access is simple. It just takes some basic knowledge and a few simple techniques that are common to hypnosis.

Hypnosis, according to one school of thought is a “condition of trance brought about by suggestion”. Suggestion is a manner of coloring, guiding or influencing a person’s thoughts without having to give positive orders to the conscious mind. It is a manner of presenting a stimulus to certain lines of thought and causing the person to adopt certain attitudes along those lines and to release them.

HYPNOTIC trance is a state of hysteria

Responses then occur that cost the patient little to no conscious effort – for he accepts what suggestions has told him is and will be. He therefore acts according to what is and to what will be.

Some experts also consider hypnosis trance as ‘a state of hysteria’. In that consideration – the patient under hypnosis could be said to be temporarily emotionally unstable and ready prey for suggestive therapy.

Apparently and realistically then hypnosis must be mind over mind. Mind over matter is the conquest of certain mental attitude over a certain given situation. The mind triumphs over adverse factors, wins through when a crisis threatens, and this process begins from within the individual mind when faced with ‘matter’ (adverse, negative circumstances). This person tells himself he has a problem to overcome and overcomes it.

Hypnosis is a powerful medicine. It cannot do the impossible, but it can do amazing things if used wisely. I suspect that we are just scratching the surface regarding what is possible with this incredible tool. We are standing at the edge of time and space looking out into a vast field of possibilities.

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