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Self Improvement through Self Hypnosis Combo

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A live recorded program of nine(ninty minutes) audios recorded at Mumbai.


INTRODUCTION : A brief discussion on the powers of the subconscious mind, and how it affects and guides our conscious life. An introduction to the science of hypnosis, its purposes and practice in the programming of the subconscious mind.

PROGRESSIVE & INSTANT RELAXATION : A hypnotic session for complete physical and mental relaxation and how to attain this state instantly anytime, anywhere (within 30 seconds) or less.

PEACEFUL IMAGERY : A guided meditation, peaceful and harmonious images in you mind to help you handle stress better. Powerful techniques to control emotions.


GOAL ACHIEVEMENT THROUGH HYPNOSIS : To set our goals properly, accurately and confidently is an absolute must for success; something we often overlook. This session programs you subconscious mind with a formula to correctly set you goals to ensure success.

PATHWAY TO THE GOAL : A very powerful exercise in which you are guided to your goal, and observe how you reached there.

CIRCLE OF EXCELLENCE : In this exercise, you will remember a time when you had a strong sense of inner confidence. Having acquired this moment of resourcefulness from the past you will then link it to a future event when you need the confidence.

ASTRAL PROJECTION : Out of body experiences (OOBE's). Yes it's possible! In this powerful hypnotic session, you learn to project your mind out of your body and observe places where you are not physically present. This is an experimental session to develop the intuitive capabilities of the mind.

MIRACLE MANIFESTATION : Miracle are your for the asking. Only you have to open yourself to their possibilities. In this hypnotic session you are guide to program your subconscious mind to manifest a miracle within seven days.

HYPNOTIC ANESTHESIA : A hypnotic session, wherein you learn to control pain in any part of your body. This technique can be very helpful in tacking day-to-day emergencies.

DEVELOPING A RAPPORT : Develop instant rapport for success in business, relationships and other areas of your life.

HYPNOTIZING OTHERS : In this session, the participants hypnotize each other Hypnosis techniques, how to hypnotize children, instant and rapid inspections and how to perform hypnotic anesthesia on others to control pain.

ACCELERATION OF LEARNING : A hypnosis session which enables you to develop your memory, concentration, creativity and assimilation of knowledge.

LEARNING NEW SKILLS FASTER : Using a new technique,brush your skills in sports, publicspeaking etc.

CALLING THE INNER GUIDES : Every human being is constantly guided by an inner force that is very wise and powerful. In this session, you will create your inner guide and communicate with it to get answers to your problems.

SELF EXPLORATION HEALING : In this session, you identify the inner causes of your physical or mental ailments, and learn a psychic healing technique called "Hand Warming", to heal yourself as well as others.


AUTOMATIC WRITING : A problem solving technique, in which under hypnosis, with a pen and paper in your hand, you start writing answers to your questions. Soon the sub-conscious mind takes over and your hand continues writing without any conscious control! An extremely powerful and useful technique.

HABIT CONTROL : A powerful application of triggers, to control bad habits like smoking, alcoholism, etc.

GETTING RID OF FEARS & PHOBIAS : Yet another triggers' application; to instantly erase your fears and phobias and to gain the confidence to face any situation.

PAST LIFE REGRESSION : In this session, you recall vivid memories of one of your previous lives. Many of the fears and phobias of this life can be the result of some unpleasant incident in a previous life, and thus recalling them helps in the removal of such problems.

LOCKING UP ! Finally a session to permanently lock up in your mind all that you've learned in two wonderful days so that any time in future you can use them at will!

This program consists of Nine 90 minutes audio CDs and workshop manual so that you can easily practice and master these simple, yet amazingly powerful techniques.

The investment for domestic order of this course is only Rs. 1895/- + 100/- (Postage and Handling)=Rs.1995/-

Please send M.O. / D.D. in favour of "Institute of Mind Control and Development" payable at Hyderabad.

The investment for the course for International order is only US $129.95 + Postage and Handling.




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