Discover the Secrets to Creating Chemistry

Mastering Relationships & Seduction using advanced Neuro-Linguistic Programming Techniques (10 Live Recorded Audio CDs)

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Imagine .... creating that state of incredible connection instantly ... With whoever you choose ...and creating incredible relationships , too !

You don&rsquo it have to roll the dice or simply leave the most important decision of your life to chance. Up until now, romance, relationships and specially ‘’sexual chemistry’’ has been left to the Goddess of Luck. Well, Bart Baggett doesn’t subscribe to that philosophy.

You’ll soon discover a way to make your love life pulsate with excitements your beck and call.

You see there is actually a simple, predictable and specific method to’’ creating chemistry’’ that you can master in a very short time.

Can you imagine how good you would feel to be able walk up to anyone you find attractive and instantly create that deep sense of connection, rapport, sexual excitement ?

In Fact you can also create state of lust, commitment, intimacy, security, fascination, playfulness and even love.

Have you ever wondered,’’ Why do some people feel an uncontrollable magnetic attraction to someone and others have no spark ?’’

The answer is hidden in the internal ‘’mental processes’’. Now you can control this process-in yourself and others. Bart Baggett will teach you in a step-by-step system.

Bart spent years struggling and exploring hundreds of theories, teachers and methods for improving quality of his relationships. He did not find answer in any one area. It took combination and this course is his system.

The secret system combines the powerful technologies of Nlp Time-Line, handwriting analysis and Bart’s own unique special methods. Never available in India before, first-time offer.

Since releasing this program, Bart has gone onto appear on over 500 radio /TV shows worldwide, author numerous books and is a highly paid professional speaker. But, his discoveries in the field of human behaviour with regards to ‘’relationships and sexual chemistry ‘’ continue to be best sellers.

These new discoveries in the field of human development, psychology and persuasion that release your inner power of attraction and ‘’turn on’’ those around you.

If you are single this course will fill your social calender and make your fantasies come true. If you are in a relationship, it can help create that spark of passion that is often cI.. and develop deeper levels of understanding and love.

You can finally have the kind of relationship you have always wanted. And now, you can learn it all from your car or home via cassette tapes recorded live at one of the Bert’s workshops given in America.

After years of studying master persuades, linguists, lovers and therapists, Bart discovered the secrets of creating ‘’states, feelings and emotions’’ that make relationships grow. He will even teach you the process people access to ‘’fall in love’’ or ‘’source of love’’

It is truly a breakthrough in human behavior-a Turbo to your love life. Now you can attend Bart’s 500 Creating Chemistry seminar without ever leaving your home ..for much less.

Home study courses finally available .

As you complete The Secrets to Creating Chemistry Home Study Course, you will understand clearly-maybe for the first time in your life, how some people consistently create charisma, love and passion in their lives. What’s more, you will have the actual skills to do it.

You learn specific skills

Sophisticated communication skills that create intense states of pleasure when ever you use them. In addition you will learn detailed tools to control your present attitude, others reactions to you and even program your future . Your will be able to identify, explain and use the following specific skills.

Create an instant state of attraction within the first one minute of meeting .

Identify someone’s motivational strategy .
The best opening sentences so that people find you totally fascinating .
Elicit someone’s highest values in life .
Lead your love in a long-lasting commitment .
Discover how to lead your lover into the ultimate orgasm .

Learn specific ways to gain rapport and create attraction person based on the individual’s handwriting traits .

The Most Magical Words in the English language that create intense agreement with you as you speak. These words put people into an instant state of trance and you can give subtle commands that they will follow.


Learn How to Hypnotize Others
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Special Introductory Price

Rs.2000/- + 180/- = Rs. 2180/-



Offer Valid till 15th June 2018




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