Develop Instant Repport Through NLP

    One Day Workshop By PRADEEP AGGARWAL

    Chemistry, Charisma, and Confidence are the characteristics shared by winners in all walks of life. They have the astounding ability to forge an instant bond with anyone, anytime, anywhere : in the office, over the kitchen table, even at a cocktail party. Their talent is called Rapport... and you can have it too.
    You will learn to take command of your Business and Personal life, Communicate better, Win clients and Attract persons of the opposite sex, have Influence over others, Overcome social anxiety and More !


    • Control the way others perceive you
    • Dissolve communications barriers
    • Create more intimate and fulfilling personal relationships
    • Alter someone else's mood and behaviour
    • Negotiate more effectively
    • Use NLP techniques to increase sales, improve workplace productivity, and advance your career.
    Course Contents
    • Rapport Defined
    • The Rapport Representational Strategic Inventory
    • The Visual Representational Type
    • The Auditory Representational Type
    • The Kinesthetic Representational Type
    • The Language of Rapport
    • Eye Accessing Cues
    • The Mirroring/Matching Process
    • The Strategies
    • Anchoring





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