Become a Financial Wizard! Using Self Hypnosis

BECOME A FINANCIAL WIZARD! USING SELF HYPNOSIS For Businessmen & Professionals through Audio CDs (Set of 10 Audio CDs and One E-Book)

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How to Master Self Hypnosis (1 Audio - 60 minutes)

Contains the fundamental initiation to self hypnosis. The music and the voice of Pradeep Aggarwal guide you to a very deep state of relaxation and program your subconscious mind to enable you to enter the wonderful state of self hypnosis. The technique used is called "Progressive Relaxation". The CD also programs you to enter this state instantly at any time you want. Side B of this CD contains "Visualization Induction", technique that is very helpful to enter self hypnosis.

Attain Success & Confidence (1 Audio - 60 minutes)

Success needs confidence as it is a necessary backbone. This CD develops your confidence to a supercharged state so that success becomes your second nature. So get set on your way to be super confident!

Overcome Shyness (1 Audio - 60 minutes)

Blushing usually occurs in people who, by disposition, are tense and nervous. Naturally, the moment they feel themselves beginning to blush, they become tenser, thereby further increasing the tendency to blush. This CD is designed to overcome nervousness in blushing-prone situations and improve confidence. A great personality booster for anyone who feels uncomfortable in certain types of situations.

Charisma (1 Audio - 60 minutes)

The dictionary defines charisma “ the ability to attract the attention of a large number of people”, In the competitive world that we live in, we all want to be heard, and make our presence felt. Especially in the field of business, we need to attract the clients and use it to our best advantage for striking the best deals. This personality transformation tape enhances your appeal and presence, and enables you to project magnetism.

Time Management (1 Audio - 60 minutes)

When the CEO’s of over 250 blue-chip MNC's were asked about the most important part of their decision making process, an over whelming 93% replied “Managing time effectively.” Why is it that some people can perform all their duties within the time of their disposal, while others scramble to survive. This CD programs your subconscious mind to manage your time effectively, so that you don’t have to pace against this limited resource to survive in this competitive world.

Positive Thinking (1 Audio - 60 minutes)

Did you know that our mind has over 15 billion thoughts in a 24 hour period, and that over 95% of them are negative? Can you imagine the impact of such a destructive pattern on our behavior and performance? This CD enables you to finally get this unwanted baggage of negativity off your back. Play the music on Side B to “shield”, your mind from negative influences.

Unleash Your Creativity (1 Audio - 60 minutes)

Did you know that the script of the blockbuster film, “Jurassic park” was rejected by all major Hollywood directors, and that the renowned painter, Leonardo-da-vinci was thrown out of his school for “lacking the ability to think?” The point is that we all have the ability. This awareness can alone work wonders. And this is what this CD is all about. It conditions your mind to see yourself as a creative genius, bursting with creativity.

Relieve Stress and Anxiety (1 Audio - 60 minutes)

Stress and anxiety are two permanent elements in today’s urban life. Everyone around seems to be perpetually haunted by these twin devils in order to meet the demands of life, thereby inviting frustration, depression and disease. This CD guides you to the state of deep hypnotic relaxation and suggestions are given to program you for remaining calm, composed and wise in the midst of the chaos and tension of life.

Attain Wealth and Prosperity (1 Audio - 60 minutes)

An amazing CD that has helped thousands to shed their cloaks of inferiority and develop a powerful and magnetic personality to attract fame and wealth.

Negotiate on Your Own Terms (1 Audio - 60 minutes)

Why is it that the negotiators of the US government agencies always manage to clinch the better deal? Why was the Enron Corp team able to settle at a deal which would have robbed the country of thousands of crores of rupees ? Hypnosis has become a major tool in the training of professional negotiators in developed nations. Wouldn’t you like to get an edge over your competitors?

Personal Transformation In 7 weeks (E - Book Downloadable)
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Normal Price : Rs.3075/- + Rs.554/- (GST) = Rs.3629/-

Special Offfer : Rs.1875/- + Rs.338/- (GST) = Rs.2213/-

Limited Offer !
Offer can be removed anytime

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