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The hypnosis reveals you the three important secret words that can change your life. These are the three most significant words for your development and your success. Success means achieving your goals and developing yourself in all areas of life. You will benefit from these three hypnotic words if you integrate them into your vocabulary and apply them.

The first hypnotic word that can change your life and mould your path towards success is - THOUGHT. This word can make you do things. You cannot do any thing randomly, you have to give a thought at the things that you intend to do. This hypnotic word gives you the chance to mould your thought into action.

Thoughts hold tremendous power. In hypnosis and in general you cannot begin your work on a vague idea. Your thoughts should be clear, so that you can have a clear beginning. It was the thought only that made Newton to discover the Gravitational force of Earth. Once when he was sitting under the apple tree, an apple fall on him and he went into deep thought on why does the apple fall down why not it goes up ? His thoughts mark the discovery of the gravitational pull of Earth.

‘Thoughts are important but giving your thought a chance to mould into action, is much more important.’ – a hypnotic saying.

The second hypnotic word is ‘START’. This word in hypnosis marks the beginning of your journey towards your destination of success. To reach at some thing, you first have to begin that thing. When you start, you will arrive at end. There is no perfect time for any thing nor it is wrong if you make a late start. What is important is that at least you started. It is said that, ‘it is never too late to be true.’

So, start up your journey. Many people hesitate to make the first move, this may be because either they are afraid of failure or they do not believe themselves. Hypnosis can surely help you to make the perfect beginning or start. Get up and start doing what you feel. There might be an expert inside you whom you are not allowing to breathe just because of your fear.

When you are doing some thing for the first time, it is obvious that will surely be bad or sometimes worse at first. That is the reason for which you will learn to excel at that. When you raise your first step, the next step comes in your way. However, for this you have to make the beginning of a thing. Hypnosis can help you to make up your mind that you will take at least one small action every day.

Remember as I earlier said so, ‘it is never too late to be good.’ You have to get up and mould your fate, as you want. You need not wait for the correct time to come, the stars to be on your side and the luck favoring you. The hypnosis holds no place for all these vague thoughts and belief. If you do this, you are rusting your most precious thing i.e., your TIME.

Once you rust your time, it will never ever come back again. You will even not realize that you are losing your precious thing and that too by your own self. If you commit some mistakes at first but still go on, it shows that you are going to be very successful person.  

Think about the time when you have done tremendously well, may be it in any field, any sphere and at any age. You will also recollect the time when you where not good at that in the first instance. Now you are perfect at the same task because you kept going. There is nothing that can compel you to do the things against your will, it is ‘YOU’ who have to accept the changes and apply them for the best outcome. Always remember to run away of the ways not to succeed and you are bound to succeed.

You are really the successful person. Now it’s the time to reveal the third hypnotic word to your success. It is ‘HELP’. This is the most polite and the magical word of hypnosis. It gives you the power to summon others to help you achieve what you want. Ask some one for any help that you need.

Every one has a person who is near and dear to them. Seek their advice whenever you need them. They are the persons who will be always there for you. You should ask others for help because they might have faced and solved the challenges that you are facing now. However, some times the pride stops you from asking for help. Nevertheless, do remember that this stubborn pride costs much.

Not all things can be done alone. Everyone requires some one to be with him or her. You need to make that person close to you by seeking his help. Make sure that the person is trustworthy. However, YOU have to mark the beginning.

How to make use of these 3 hypnotic words :

  1. You cannot arrive at any conclusion unless you give an idea a thought .
  2. Thoughts take the form of action and action begins with start .
  3. Once you start, taking others’ help marks the process of your action .
  4. These three words are inter-related and inter-connected .
  5. Give your single thought a chance to build up .
  6. Work on your thought to mark the beginning or the start. May be you will not succeed at first time but this should not stop you. Who knows you may be the next scientist or the inventor .
  7. Never let your thoughts go waste .

Therefore, well you deserve the sincere congratulation, for you have almost completed your hypnotic journey to your success. Just remember the three magical hypnotic words – Thought, Start and HELP…

Hypnosis says that, ‘there is no help better than self-help. Unless you desire to help yourself there’s no one who can help you .

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