Hypnotic Visualization - The Powerful Tool To Excel In Studies

Hypnosis Article

As you read this article and grasp every word present here, you would be well aware of the facts of hypnotic visualization that can undoubtedly lead you to success. This technique is extremely helpful in the time of exams.

Its my genuine requests to you, read this article only if you have the strength and determination to follow otherwise its waste. The best rewards for a writer is when his reader follows or at least try to follow what the writer is trying to convey. I don’t want quantity readers rather I want quality readers. So, try to be the best because you cannot be the best unless you try…

Now, your hypnotic journey begins

All you have to do is to visualize both your study session and test taking. Every day as you practice your goal-getting exercise and visualize your goals and adjust your daily activities as per that goal, similarly you have to make sure that you visualize yourself doing extremely well in your exams and giving your best shot.

As you do it regularly, within no time you will find out that gone through that exam or target as you have visualized.

The hypnotic session has six stages. They are

1. Going into trance : This is the foremost stage of hypnosis. In this stage, a person goes into the state of trance.

2. Deepening trance : In this stage the state of deepened and the person goes into deep relaxed state.

3. Stage of Suggestions : This is the third stage of hypnotic session. In this hypnotic state, your subconscious mind is highly receptive to positive suggestions.

4. Visualization : This is the most important stage of hypnotic session. In this stage your mind visualizes the benefits that you will get after doing a particular task. In this hypnotic visualization stage, you visualize the thing, which has not yet happened. In other words you visualize your future, which in turn gives you the strength to achieve that future.

5. Triggers : This stage of hypnotic session is as important as the stage of visualization. In this stage, you will give a trigger action to all that have visualized. So that whenever you need that strength and power of your visualization, you get that at just a trigger of your fingers.

6. Coming out of hypnotic trance : This is the last stage of hypnotic session. In this session, you come out of the hypnotic state at a certain count. As soon as you come out of the hypnotic session, you will feel light, refreshed and relaxed.

Hypnotic visualization Exercise : This exercise, which I’m going to tell you, now, is one of the powerful hypnotic visualization exercises of its kind. Work out on this exercise to get the best outcome.

Practice Session : Practice this hypnotic visualization exercise at least twice or thrice a week. Make it a part of your daily routine and how it helps you to achieve your visualized goals.

Picture yourself in your selected study spot – feel the atmosphere around you – feel total calm and comfort around you – now visualize yourself lost in your studies with full concentration – no though disturbs you in this state – visualize yourself as actually enjoying studying – picture yourself as literally absorbing the knowledge.

Now visualize yourself getting great grades in your exams – imagine the benefit that you get after the little hard-work – visualize how proud your parents would feel of you – visualize how your life would you – feel the enthusiasm of being on top of the world – imagine how happy your friends would be – imagine how would you feel – simply visualize and let the thoughts flow….

Practice this hypnotic visualization exercise 2 to 3 times a week and see the difference (assured).

Make your life worthy for your loved ones (with hypnotic visualization) because they too have a share in your life…

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