We have long heard the phrase "Mind over Matter". We have also found how true the expression is from our everyday life. When you wake up from sleep, go to office and work throughout the whole day, even though you were not in the best of your health and spirit...........you moved your mind over matter. When you are under-prepared, scared to sit for an examination but do so inspite of your fears...........that is also moving mind over matter.

The phrase "Mind Over Matter" thus means, it is not reality that matters. What matters is that, which is in your mind.

Using the Power of mind is nothing new to mankind. In the period written during 19 B.C. the famous classical poet Virgil wrote the famous phrase "Mind moves matter."

10,000 years ago visualization was a tool that cavemen in the region that is now France used for hunting. Every hunter focussed on the prey they sought by painting the animals on the wall of their caves. By the light of the tribes fire, the images felt as if they actually moves. They became so real in the caveman's mind,they got fired up, and some of them actually threw spears at the drawings. The marks are there to be seen till today.

Similarly,"psyched up" is a psychological tool that sportmen practice before a big game. They form an image of a dream performance in their minds. Yet another instance of Mind moves matter.

Doctors throughout the world believe that the body is directly linked to the mind. People with a worried state of mind usually develop ulcers. Tension affects the normal production of acid in them.Similarly there lies a close link between heart diseases and repressed anger.

If negative thoughts can have such a dramatic effect over your mind and body, imagine the power that positive thinking can have on you.

In fact, doctors have found from research studies that a positive outlook in the patient increases the effectiveness of any treatment

Patients suffering from high-blood pressure are often advised to picture themselves in a peaceful, calm and encouraging environment. Time and time again it is seen that their blood pressure has really decreased.

The power of visualization has helped a lot in treating cancer patients.One such form is through the "mind blowing" technique, where patients actually picture the cancer cells in their body.Then they go about destroying them.

One such approach is, instructing the patients to visualize their cancer cells as "aliens" from outer space. Then they set about to destroy them. Un-believable! Perhaps, but many a patient without any hope to recover had used it and has recovered completely.

I had a middle-aged lady as a client who suffered from a high blood sugar level, yet could not give up on her love for sweets. I initialized a series of visual steps where she visualized sweets in any form as a bunch of earthworms. Each time she was attracted to sweets,she felt as if she was feeding on a bunch of earthworms. Naturally, it gave her a very nauseating feeling. Within weeks, she had given up on sweets. Her blood sugar level, even to this day, has been lying within permissible limits.

Visualization is not only an useful tool in matter of Medical Science. A young man in his late twenties once came to me with a different problem.He felt his being a bad speaker was interfering in his career.I replaced the image he had about himself of being a bad speaker,with that of a wonderful image of a good speaker.

Within months he had earned himself a promotion. He lost his mental image of being a bad speaker, spoke efficiently, convinced his clients and tripled his confidence level.

Let us talk about sportsmen now who put as much value to mental preparation as they do for enhancing physical fitness, skills and talents. They have discovered the art of visualization, where they think of themselves as performing well, and ultimately do so.

I saw this work with an Indian cricketer who was out of form as a batsman. His career was un-certain. It is true, that when a batsman is in form, he sees the ball as big as a football. While, if he is out of form, the ball appears to be moving faster and bouncing higher than it actually is. I initiated a process for him where I explained the difference between the two state of mind. In the first case, the batsman moves faster than all around him. In the second case, the batsman moves slower while everything else moves fast around him. It is evident, he belonged to the latter case.

I made him visualize that he was moving faster than all around him.Within months, he had struck terrific form. Last I heard, he was knocking the door of the Indian team.

This sort of visualization is called "psyching oneself up".It not only enhances our abilities, in fact it opens a whole new world of opportunity by opening space in the mind to receive them.

Are you surprised ?

The truth is that your perspective about yourself and your life can either prevent opportunities and good people from coming to you or it can welcome opportunities with open arms.

It is upto you what you receive, good or bad, opportunities or missed opportunities. You are the king of your thoughts for it is you who generate your thoughts. No one does it for you. Thus, if there is anyone who can be in charge of your thoughts it is you.

Now,let us see what positive mental images can achieve for us?

One. Positive thoughts are like magnets that attract opportunities.Their individual Vibration Frequencies create a strong electro-magnetic field that draws people and situation of similar frequency towards it.

Two. An individual space is created in your mind for success. This provides a place where success can be received and contained.

Imagine ! Think !

If you do not possess a mental space for success through what will opportunities enter your life? So creating a space for success to enter your life is the first step towards success.

However,the size of the space for success varies from person to person.Too much "success space", when the individual credits little is of useless value.

For example, a glass of water can only contain a glass of water. If two glasses of water is poured in one glass, then the excess spills over, and is wasted.

Similarly,if you visualize too much success than you are ready for, it will spill out of your life. Or else, one incident of success will displace another. Until one day, excess success from past as well as present spills over and out of your life.

This is evident from people who suddenly become rich. They suffer from the "too much too soon" syndrome. The excess spills out of their lives in the form of drugs, alcohol, accidents, lawsuits and divorces. Famous rock stars, movie stars display this trait as some of their famous biographies suggest.

A man who earned well but could never save enough money because of his spendthrift habit once came to me to change his nature. I replaced his thoughts of an in-adequate bank balance with that of a fortune in his bank. Within months, he had saved all possible expenses to build enough fortune impossible for a spendthrift.

I helped a young lawyer who was frantically looking for new clients to establish himself. I created a sequence of visualization for him that connected to his sub-conscious needs.

In about an year, he boasted a large number of clients. Today, he is one of the most renowned lawyer of the city.

The idea is simple !

Expand the space for success in your mind through clever and successful visualization. And then, move mind over matter.

What seemed limited success will soon become a world of limit-less achievements.


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