Psychic Hypnosis Workshop By Brain David Phillips

    First time in India

    two days Workshop By Dr.Brian David Phillips in New Delhi and Mumbai

    Learn Enhanced Intuition Techniques In this Workshop What the Psychics Do, How to Do It, and How to Use It for Positive Change

    Goal : Many hypnotists have an interest in psychic, paranormal, supernatural and metaphysical thought and practice. However, few courses demystify those practices in a clearcut manner that make them practical to use in the form of enhanced intuition techniques in non-metaphysical or contemporary settings. Metaphysical, paranormal, and psychic practices have been shrouded in secrecy for thousands of years, often cloaked in an aura of supernatural power beyond the ken of man. In this course, we will examine the underlying hypnotic operators within many of the practices in order to find how these techniques can be adapted to contemporary settings in practical ways in the form of programmed enhanced intution, stripping away some of the mystique in order to find powerful trance-based changework processes appropriate to today's clinical and introspective setting. Students will also learn how they can create wholly new trance-based rituals to suit any number of contemporary contexts from clinical to introspective meditation and applied practical contexts.

    This is an intensive course in techniques, enhanced intuition hypnosis techniques.  Participants should be prepared to leave all their preconceptions at the door and jump into this seminar with imaginations open and ready to experience new worlds and powerful processes.

    Course Content :

    In this seminar, we will approach various psychic and metaphysical constructs via hypnosis with an eye toward a no-nonsense practical approach to the material, the methods, and the outcome. This is NOT a course in metaphysical or psychic beliefs. Rather, it is a course in psychic and metaphysical hypnosis techniques and methods. While the instructor will explain all of the techniques in a straightforward way and demonstrate them with students practicing every technique, each participant is free to place them within whatever context is appropriate for that person. Your beliefs are your own, but with this course you will learn the techniques which you can place within the context of whatever belief, faith, or science as you wish. We will be looking to a results-oriented approach that focuses on the trance modality toward achieving hypnotic effects that may lead one toward a higher intuitive understanding of metaphysical psychic concepts without blindly accepting broad generalizations. The hypnotic experiences will be clearly placed into the context of hypnosis, suggestion, and effect without jumping to unproven or speculative conclusions. We will be examining these phenomena with very much a "let's see what is working beneath the effect" and "let's make certain of our results before making undue claims" . . . this is the enlightened skeptic's approach to metaphysical trance effects, albeit neither dismissive nor uncritically accepting. While many who teach Out of Body Experience Trance, Distance Seeing, Crystal Gazing, Aura Viewing, Energy Testing, Channeling, and other Psychic and Metaphysical Hypnosis methods believe in the reality of such phenomena, it is important that participants learn how to approach such sessions in a way that ensures that trance sessions are managed in a way so that genuine evidence of extrasensory experience is clearly demonstrated and not merely suggestion confused as reality.

    Participants will learn the processes and experience them both as guide and as psychic operator and metaphysical traveler in what will be a truly mind-opening experience of experiential hypnosis within a very strong critical approach. Despite the emphasis on critical inquiry within the conducting of trance processes, the purpose of the course is not to tear apart anyone's beliefs, rather it is to empower hypnotists with powerful tools for conducting sessions in a way that allows them to more meaningfully distinguish suggestion, phantasy, or confabulation from genuine psychic experience as well as ways to use metaphysical and paranormal constructs in a positive and helpful way regardless of one's personal faith or beliefs, making the experience much more valuable for both the hypnotist and the trance partner. Above all, this is a skills-based course so participants should be prepared to be open-minded, eager, and willing to learn and set to do the work from the get-go. Participants will learn and begin running critical psychic hypnosis and metaphysical trance processes from day one.

    Those who complete this course and meet all other eligibility requirements are qualified for the Specialization Certificate in Metaphysical Hypnosis from the Society of Experiential Trance. All of the skillsets requires for Society certification in this area beyond basic membership are covered in this intensive yet powerfully fulfilling course and more :

    • Psychic and Metaphysical Trance Constructs
    • Orientation to Ritual and Imaginative Power: Laboratory, Church, Temple, Coven, Theatre, Politics, Sport, and More
    • Hypnosis as Formal Ritualized Context
    • Magickal Thinking, Scientific Thinking, and How to Congruently Combine the Two in Clinical and Introspective Contexts
    • Eye of Experiential Trance
    • Clean Language and Session work with Psychic Techniques and Metaphysical Processes (Guiding
      versus Leading, etc.)
    • Astral Projection
    • Aura Sight
    • Automatic Drawing
    • Automatic Writing
    • Avatars and Archetypes
    • Channeling and Guide Work
    • Dream Walking
    • Energizer
    • Engineered Ecstatic Experiences
    • Healing Energy Models
    • Higher Self
    • Hypnotic Talismans and Amulets
    • Ideomotor Sigil
    • Intuitive versus Academic Magick and the Hypnotist (The Witch, the Shaman, the Mage, and the Hypnotist)
    • Ouija Boards
    • Ouija Dancing
    • Out of Body Experience
    • Pendulum Ideomotor Questioning
    • Remote Viewing
    • Scrying (Crystal Gazing, Mirror, Pool, etc.)
    • Shapeshifter (Adaptive Shamanic and Other Models)
    • Soul Gazing
    • Sprit Animal Guide
    • Tarot Trance
    • Thoughtforms (Energized and Otherwise)
    • Trancedancing
    • Original Processes or Patterns (Students will learn to create and demonstrate new and original metaphysical hypnotic processes or trance patterns - based upon esoteric sources and wholly
    • . . . and much much much more!

    While the course will explore a number of areas common to the psychic and metaphysical trance experience, some specific areas of interest are:

    Hypnosis and Tarot

    In this seminar, you will learn some of the fundamental concepts behind using the Tarot for introspective meditation. While the workshop section of the seminar approaches some subjective experiences and spiritual paths, it does so with respect while maintaining a critical insight. This is not a fortune telling course, rather it is an exploration into Tarot as a means for gaining insight into life issues through introspective focused trance hypnosis. The instructor will introduce a number of Tarot decks as well as layouts, both traditional and contemporary, that are considered very useful for gaining personal insight into issues facing oneself. Of particular interest will be the Animation Tarot system. Hypnosis is a means of focused trance and is a perfect approach to Tarot. The instructor will teach participants a number of Experiential Hypnosis techniques that incorporate Tarot imagery and cards. These include the classic experiential trance technique of the "through the gate into tarot" method as well as single card and multiple deck methods for gaining insight into one's life issues via synchronicity, introspection, and experiential trance. Students are strongly encouraged to bring three or more different Tarot decks of their own. In addition to being one of the world's foremost authorities on experiential hypnosis, the instructor is also the list owner of one of oldest and largest online Tarot discussion forum.


    Auras and Other Suggested Metaphysical Visual Effects

    The ability to see "auras" is one sought after by many. The "aura" is the "life force" or energy surrounding a person. Many claim to be able to see the colors of the aura and thus be able to determine a person's spiritual or physical well being or other aspects of their character such as their truthfulness, openness, or hidden agendas. Participants will learn a number of hypnotic techniques that explore the concept of visually associating emotional or other responses to a person with a color that is seen surrounding them. Participants will also explore trance-based scrying, mirror gazing, and crystal ball gazing using experiential hypnotic methods.

    Astral Journey and Other Out of Body Experiences

    As part of our skeptical exploration of metaphysical hypnosis, we will endeavor to experiment with and experience trance-based suggested experiences of the soul traveling out of the body into the Astral plane, out of body experiences within this plane such as farseeing and dream walking as well as quantum
    time travel processes.

    Channeling and Spirit Guides

    We will examine some of the processes used by mediums and channels via formal trance and walking suggestive processes. The practice of seeking and building relationships with guardian angels, animal spirit guides, and other metaphysical constructs will be demonstrated, explored, and experienced within
    the context of experiential trance.

    Crystal Gazing and Crystal Healing

    If you have your own, bring your crystals or crystal balls. We will learn how mediums perform crystal gazing as well as how some practice crystal healing. Our purpose is to isolate hypnotic practice and suggestion from genuine effect.

    Past Life Regression Hypnosis

    Many who approach hypnosis as a means to access past life memories do so from a purely metaphysical or spiritual point of view that assumes the experiences are always genuine, often accepting as fact experiences that are neither logical nor sensible. In this workshop, participants will learn a variety or approaches to Past Life Regression and other forms of Metaphysical Hypnosis that are both open to new experiences and critically valid. We will take on an approach of healthy skepticism to the processes and learn methods that ensure that one guides the experience rather than leads it through preconceived notions or expectations that cause one to ask leading questions or make assumptions. Participants will learn proper safeguards for conducting a regression that ensure a well managed trance session by using clean language and processes. Participants will learn a number of alternative critical explanations for the content of a session and how to distinguish fact from phantasy or confabulation.

    Higher Self, Mystical, and Ecstatic Experiences

    A number of metaphysical philosophies carry the concept of a higher self to which all of us are connected. This higher self may be a connection to that part of us which lies beyond the wheel of life or to a spiritual force from beyond. It may simply be a manifestation of our unconscious, our super-ego, or some higher power or a deep connection to one's core states and deeply held beliefs or needs. Participants will learn a number of processes to access the higher self ranging from straightforward formal induction to levels of hypnosis beyond somnambulism or through waking processes that tie into experiential trancelike phenomena and leverage them into a near-mystical or ecstatic experience.

    Original Process Creation

    Students will learn a "build your own" and "spontaneous creativity" approach to innovation and inspiration in which they will create their own trance and hypnosis processes based upon authentic esoteric sources and practices as well as the underlying operators behind these processes that allow them create their own wholly original new processes.



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Instructor :

The course is taught by Dr. Brian David Phillips, an internationally known and respected hypnosis practitioner, educator, author, and entertainer. Dr. Phillips is President of the Society of Experiential Trance, is the editor of the peer-reviewed Journal of Experiential Trance and was the founding editor of the peer-reviewed Journal of Applied Hypnotic Arts and Sciences. Dr. Phillips is the coordinator and chief instructor for the oldest English-language hypnosis and focused-trance practice group in Taiwan and is the owner and moderator of one of the largest online email discussion communities related to hypnosis and focused trance techniques. He has taught numerous workshops and seminars on hypnosis, focused trance, and experiential hypnosis as well as a number of webinars (web-based seminars) on these and related subjects. Dr. Phillips is an associate professor at National Chengchi University. Dr. Phillips uses rapid and instant hypnosis inductions routinely in his Waking Dreams Hypnosis Show, the only ongoing entertainment comedy hypnosis stage show in Taiwan

Teaching Methods :

This course relies upon a very fast-paced system of demonstration and practice. More than any other course, this seminar consists of demonstration, explanation, practice, practice, practice. It is NOT intended as a lecture or passive learning experience. It is a very fast-paced and energetic program so students should come ready, willing, able, and eager to jump right in and run full speed ahead. The teaching methodology is very active. Students will learn through all of their sensory learning channels, particularly aural, visual, and kinesthetic . . . listening, seeing, and doing . . . as it is a practical applications competence course, there is a great deal of supervised "doing" with immediate and useful feedback. Typically, for each subject or technique, the training is within the following process model: 1. instructor
briefs students on the topic, 2. instructor demonstrates technique with student volunteer, 3. the demonstration is then broken down into steps, 4. students then practice the technique several times with one another under guidance of the instructor with ongoing feedback, 5. class debriefs about experience and technique with performance notes from instructor, 6. students continue advanced practice (including homework for some techniques), 7. final debriefing with instructor. The course
focuses upon practical competence and experienced application of the material.

Course Requirements / Grading Criteria :

While some will attend this course for general information and instruction in Metaphysical Hypnosis, those wishing to fulfill specialization requirements with the Society of Experiential Trance should take note that they will be evaluated based upon :

  1. Regular attendanceParticipation in classroom activitiesCompletion of assignments
  2. Ongoing Oral and Demonstrational Competence Activities or Tasks

Course Materials :

Students will be supplied with handouts related to the presentation topics in the form of the Enhanced Psychic Intuition: Metaphysical Hypnosis Techniques text by Brian David Phillips.In addition to the Enhanced Psychic Intuition: Metaphysical Hypnosis Techniques text by Brian David Phillips, students in the course will receive a "Psychic" Pendulum with Autoquestioning Answer Card, a Ouija Board with planchette stone, and an Intuition Enhancement hypnosis audio CD.

  • Enhanced Psychic Intuition: Metaphysical Hypnosis Techniques text by Brian David Phillips "Psychic" Pendulum with Autoquestioning Answer CardOuija Board with planchette stone
  • Intuition Enhancement hypnosis audio CD

If possible, please bring your own Tarot decks (three decks would be ideal).Please, students may not use recording devices during the course. However, the instructor may record portions of the training. Participation in this seminar implies consent to be recorded on video, audio, and photograph.

Online Resources :

  • Brian David Phillips Waking Dreams Hypnosis at http://www.briandavidphillips.comBrian
    David Phillips Blog at Technique
    Exchange at
    Experiential Trancework Workshop at
  • Tarot-L Discussion List at


1. DVD1 : Hypno Kool Stage Hypnosis Show (2007-12-08)
Live Comedy Club Taipei, 8 Dec. 2007

Live performance of the Brian David Phillips Waking Dreams Hypno Kool comedy hypnosis show in Taipei, Taiwan.
The material on this DVD Video is general audience program presented in English with Chinese interpretation.
(Worth Rs. 2,250/-)

2.DVD2 : Hypnocast Compilation One

The Hypnocast Compilation One Data DVD collects the earliest of the Hypnocast episodes into one convenient collection.
The disc contains original Audio MP3 files describing the following processes:

Episode One: Through the Gate into Tarot, Episode Two: Swishy, Swishy,Swish, Swish, Swish, Episode Three:Magick Carpet Ride, Episode Four: Anchors Away, Episode Five : Past Lives, Past Loves,
Episode Six:
Into the Mists, Episode Seven:Shapeshifter, Episode Eight: Into the Garden of Delights,
and Episode Nine: Secrets of the Six Step Reframe.

In addition to the audio files, the disc also contains original Video files with instruction and demonstrations as follows:

Episode Thirty: <Erick Kand Energizer, Episode Thirty-One: Phillips Variation Arm Pull Instant Hypnosis
, Episode Thirty-Two: Eye and Triangle Mental Force Trick Pattern, Episode Thirty-Three: Happy Finger Anchoring Process, Episode Thirty-Four: Fairy Dragon Experiential Trance (The Magick Egg), Episode
Tarot Trance Hypnosis Process, Episode Thirty-Six: Furry Fun Hypnosis Shapeshifter Variant, and Episode Thirty-Seven: Sigil Trance Demonstration. (Worth Rs. 2,700/-)

3.DVD3 Hypnocast Compilation Two

The Hypnocast Compilation Two Data DVD collects more of the Hypnocast episodes into one convenient collection.
The disc contains original Video files with instruction and demonstrations as follows:

Episode Thirty-Eight: <Intensified Pleasure States Trigger/Anchoring Process, Episode Thirty-Nine: Change-Hands Resolution Process, and Episode Forty: Higher Self Trance Process
In addition to the Hypnocast materials, the disc contains a number of original BONUS Video files:

Pendulum Autoquestioning, Tarot Trance Seminar Demonstration,Handclasp Fun,Drunk Hypnosis,Shifting Modalities Challenge One, Shifting Modalities Challenge Two,Shifting Modalities Challenge Three,Sticky Fun,
andVoodoo Monkey Trance Challenge. (Worth Rs. 2700/-)

The Really Really Really Deep Relaxation Training Program

67 min. In this deluxe hypnotic relaxation program Audio CD, you learn how to enter an extremely deep relaxed state
through a complex multi-process induction program as well as trigger response conditioning. This session guides you
into a very very deep hypnotic state with positive suggestions for further reinduction so that once you reach these deep
levels, through practice and continued trance training, you are able to re-enter the state very rapidly and at any time you wish. (Worth Rs. 2025/-)

5.CD2 Higher Self Full Session
65 min. Engage your imagination in this Audio CD to take a journey into the Higher Self, that part of oneself that is
connected to the universal oneness of it all. This is a place of universal unconditional love, forgiveness, and peace . . . a
healing place connected to that part of you that is eternal and beyond this life or worldly concerns where you can learn
lessons of spiritual and loving growth. This is the full complex session for this process which includes a very deep hypnotic
induction to help you fully explore this part of yourself.(Worth Rs. 2025/-)

6.CD3 Parts Process Reframe
32 min. This parts reframe Audio CD program guides the listener through a process in which you communicate with your unconscious to align parts of your personality that have conflicting goals. Just as the expression "I'm of two minds
about that" expresses how we sometimes want one thing but other parts of us want something else, this process helps
you to understand your own inner conflicts and to reach a solution that keeps the positive intention of your inner behaviors
and desires.(Worth Rs. 3,000/-)

Total Bonuses worth Rs. 13,050/-

Date :
31st January,1st February 2009
Timing :
9.00 Am - 6.00 Pm (Both Days)
Venue :
Next to Bawa International,
Near Domestic Airport,
Vile Parle (East), Mumbai - 400099.
Dr.Parag M. Khatri, 09821150555, 022-2683 5555.
Seats :
Limited Seats 50



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