Unit 1: Self Hypnosis

Part C: A Typical Hypnotic Session

A Hypnotic session basically has three components

Induction :

An induction involves the generation of the hypnotic trance in the subject. Through the process of relaxation, the body's metab-olism and the brain wave activity levels are brought down. This is the ideal state to be in for accepting suggestions.

This is a very important part in the process because unless the mind and body relax, the conscious mind will continue to filter the suggestions into the subconscious due to its analytical nature.

Programming :

This is the part in which the actual benefit occurs. As mentioned above, the induction prepares the mind for programming by elimi-nating the block between the conscious and subconscious minds. The communication, thus established, allows the mind to be fed with positive programming in the form of affirmations or imagery.


After the subject has been fed with the desired programming, he or she is guided out of the trance, usually by counting up from one to three or five.

Methods of inducing Hypnosis

There are a number of ways of inducing hypnosis in a subject, the most common being body relaxation & imaginative relaxation (through imagery). A lot of hypnotist use a combination of many different techniques. One such induction is given below. It is important to note that whichever technique is used, it must bring about the following results :

  • Relaxation of body and mind
  • Narrowed focus of attention
  • Reduced awareness of the external environment and everyday concerns.
  • A day-dreaming like trance state

The script that follows has been divided into two parts: Induc-tion & Awakening. Guide yourself through the induction, and follow it with the programming (given in the later units). Final-ly guide yourself out of the session using the Awakening. If, however, you wish to use it purely for the purpose of relaxation, you may use it without any affirmations.

If you wish, you may ask a friend (with a good voice) to guide you through any hypnosis session (using the scripts given in this course), or even record it in your own voice, and practice with it.

Induction :

"Close your eyes, roll your eyeballs upwards and take three deep breaths, and begin to relax. Just focus on relaxing every muscle in your body from the top of your head to the tips of your toes. Just begin to relax. And begin to notice how very comfortable your body is beginning to feel. You are supported so you can just let go and relax. Now, for a moment notice your slow, calm, deep breathing. Inhale and exhale. Inhale and exhale. And, every time you exhale, you become even more relaxed and at ease.

To deepen your relaxation, count backwards from twenty to one, each time visualizing the number if desired.

"Twenty . . . . Nineteen . . . Eighteen . . . Seventeen . . .
Sixteen . . . . Fifteen . . . . Fourteen . . . Thirteen . . .
Twelve . . . . Eleven . . . . Ten . . . . . . Nine . . . . .
Eight . . . . . Seven . . . . . Six . . . . . . Five . . . . .
Four . . . . . Three . . . . . Two . . . . . . One . . . . . "

[ Insert programming if desired ]

Awakening :

"Now, I am going to count from 1 to 3, and at the count of 3 you will open your eyes, feeling, light, refreshed, revitalized, energetic, wonderful, happy and cheerful, feeling better than before. Now, 1, coming out slowly. 2, yes, coming out now. 3, Open your eyes feeling light refreshed and revitalized, happy and cheerful, feeling much better than before."

Guidelines for formulating Suggestions & Programming :

Hypnotists use several mechanisms to program a subject's mind. Following is a list of some of them: (These techniques are to be incorporated in the programming)

Affirmations :

In the relaxed state that hypnosis produces, the subconscious mind becomes very receptive to positive suggestions, which may be included in the programming in the form of carefully worded affirmations. Studies indicate that while the body and mind relax, a decrease in the brain wave activity opens direct pathway to the powerful subconscious mind, allowing faster and more effective method of subconscious programming through latent suggestions, without any interference by the analytical conscious mind.

While formulating affirmations, keep the following points in mind :

  • The affirmations should be simple, direct and concise.
  • They should be believable - something the subject is ready to believe.
  • They may be repeated for reinforcement.
  • Be positive. (For example, say "You will be punctual.", rather than saying "You will not be late.")
  • Speak in the present tense. ("You're improving your memory everyday." is much better than "You will see the improvement in your memory.")

Visualization : ?

During the program, you may also visualize yourself already having achieved your desired goal. Visualization is not ideal wishing or day dreaming. It is a practical method to discover and receive all you want from life. Visualization trains your mind to focus on what you truly want, and helps in marshaling all your available resources which may be used for the accomplishment of your objective.

Trigger Words :

You may also use trigger words for post hypnotic conditioned response. During the hypnotic session, you can provide your subconscious mind, certain words which will be your conditioned response key to produce a particular behavior. In other words, whenever you wish to behave in a particular way (for instance, concentrate on something you wish to read), all you will have to do is close your eyes and say those words to yourself.


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