Hypnosis – 5 WONDERFUL Steps to Quit Smoking Today for a HEALTHY Living

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You will not realize it but through this wonderful and powerful article you are heading towards a healthy living in your life. As you go through this article, you will be surprised to know that how easy and safe it is to quit smoking with Hypnosis.

Bad habits are very hard to quit and smoking is one among them. Once you start smoking its is very difficult to stop. This happens not because there are no ways to quit smoking but because the person lacks the willingness to quit smoking. Everything depends upon your willingness and with hypnosis, you can improve your willingness to accept the things in its true form.

There are many reasons to stop smoking but there are innumerable reasons to continue smoking. Many people justify their act of smoking. But, if you truly want to do justice to yourself, you have to take care to yourself equally well.

The following are the things that you can do to do justice to your own self:

1. Ask yourself the reason that has turned you towards smoking.

2. Does smoking reduce your tension, grief, or stress?

3. How many cigarettes you smoke every day?

4. Count on the harms that smoking causes you.

5. List out the drawbacks of smoking.

6. You will find the list endless. Are you aware of all these negative impacts of smoking on your health?

7. Why cannot you stop smoking in spite of negative impacts that it is causing on your health.

8. Do you find difficult to quite smoking or do you find yourself helpless ?

If all of these questions hold the positive response, then hypnosis can help you to the best way to quit smoking.

1. Divert your attention: count on the time when you smoke. Now the best and the easiest thing that you can do, is to divert your attention away from smoking. There must be a time that you have dedicated for smoking, involve yourself in some other tasks during that particular time. if possible, try to eliminate the thought of smoking from your mind.

2. Take the help of your family or friends: Your friends and your family can help you quit smoking. In most of the cases, people have stopped smoking because of the support by their family.

3. Seek a doctor’s help: If you have tried all the ways but in vain, then you can consult a doctor. However, one thing is for sure that no one can help you, unless you help yourself. That is why; hypnosis is the best alternative because all hypnosis is self-hypnosis and self-hypnosis means helping oneself.

4. List out the causes and the consequences of smoking: You might not be aware of the dreadful consequences of smoking. It can cause you asthma, liver disorder, lung cancer, respiratory problem and your life span declines. Thus, make yourself aware of the results of smoking and try the best way to quit it.

5. Seek the help of a expert hypnotist: The hypnosis is the safest and the easiest way to quit smoking. Moreover, there are no side effects of hypnosis. it can safely help you to quit smoking but reducing your smoking cravings. Hypnosis is self-help under the guidance of a hypnotist.

The following is a simple exercise in hypnosis that can help you quit smoking.

Sit in a comfortable and relaxed place and position. Observe and concentrate a spot on the wall. Watch it carefully and then your eyes get heavy. They are too heavy to keep it open. This is the deep state of hypnosis. At this state of hypnosis, you are most receptive to suggestions.

Now, close your eyes and take three deep long breathes. Imagine that there is a beautiful and bright colored door in front of you. You are 10 steps away from that. Walk towards the door. Now, open the door.

You see a person standing as his face turned away from you. That person appears to be confident and seems to be healthy. He is not smoking. Go to that person. Do you know who that person is? That person is none other than you. Yes! That is you. You have quitted smoking. The person that was standing in the room is the other positive side of you. Leave the original and unhealthy you there and step out with the healthy and new YOU.

This is one of the powerful hypnotic exercises. You can find many more powerful tips to quit smoking.

Remember friends, life is traveled only once and each one’s life is precious in its own way. You are priceless for the persons who love you. So, take care of your health. With hypnosis, a healthy life awaits you.

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