How to gain Resiliency in just 5 steps ?

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What actually does the term ‘resiliency’ mean? Very few are aware of this term in its true sense.

Ever person undergoes hardships in any task and endeavor, he under takes. The obstacles are the part and parcel of life. They are the important facets of life and success.  They make our attempt towards success more powerful. If there would not have been any obstacles, the taste of victory would certainly not have been so wonderful and enthusiastic.

How can you say that you enjoy the victory? How do you know that victory/success is wonderful? It is the hardships that make the victory worth. They give you the feeling of being successful. The ‘resilient power’ is the power that gives you the strength so that you can bounce back from any trouble.

There is something that separates the people who are constantly successful and the failing person. That is Resiliency. Resiliency is the person’s ability to persist despite the obstacles and bounce back from the temporary defeats.

The five secrets to Resiliency are:

  1. Accept failure as a challenge : The failures are said to be the stepping stone towards success. They make the person curious to attain success. Failure derives you to be more successful.  You can make efforts to defeat the defeat. They enable you to overcome failure. They enable you to overcome failure. It is said that ‘you cannot appreciate light unless you have known darkness and also you cannot praise good times unless you have been through the bad times.’ Similarly, failures make the success worth making effort. You can appreciate success because you have experienced failure. The failures are the only thing that makes us understand the difference between success and defeat
  2. Learn from your failures : Try to cultivate positive attitude towards the things in your life. When you fail does not take that failure as a defeat which you can never overcome, in fact take that as an experience from which you got to know something new. Every failure teaches you something which proves beneficial for you to succeed in future. From every failure try out to learn something that can help you to never fail.
  1. Learn to overcome failure or hardships : It is very important for a person to understand the root cause for their failures. You should try to find out the factors that led to failure or trouble and try to overcome failures. You should think and take the examples out of your failures rather than taking failures as the disheartening event.
  1. Do not let the failures destroy you : Never take the things in life for granted. Success and failures are the facets of life without which the human life will be not be complete in it’s fuller sense. The failures make the success more special. Do not become pessimist if you face any problem. Learn to destroy the causes that failed you in your attempt rather than letting the problem or failure destroy you.
  1. Learn to resilient : There are failures in each and every body’s life. They are the part and parcel of human life. The main thing is the fact and the human caliber to overcome the failure and get back to the previous position is not within the reach of many. Life is not always the same. There are ups and downs equally as the days and night.

There is no such thing as failure; it is only the feed back that makes the huge difference. Do not be afraid of the failures.  Try out new things. If you try something and did not succeed, that does not mean that you are incapable, it means that you learnt a new thing. If your efforts work then that’s superb. Do not let that obstacles stop you and restrict your path to success.

There is no one who does not suffer from any kind of trouble or hardships. The reason behind many successful persons is the tragedy, the humiliation and the defeats that they have undergone in their lives. They are now successful because they have suffered a lot. They can admire and value the things in their lives. What made them successful is their ability, capability and confidence to go on in life. They bounced back from defeats and kept going. That’s why they are outstanding…

Develop the attitude to not to be defeated by the problems. Make up your mind not to stop by the problems, rather develop the attitude that the more the obstacles, the more you will try to approach your goals. Resolve to take more powerful action every time you fail. Adopt this mindset and see your personality and outlook changes.

So, make the Resiliency your perfect friend. It is a saying that, ‘it is never too late to be good.’ Make changes in your behavior and see yourself standing at the peak of success.

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