NLP - Revealing 6 Breakthrough Ways To Gain Firm And Unshakable Confidence?

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You won’t realize it but at the end of this article, you will be surprised to know that your life ahead towards the beautiful and confident path that you admired and dreamt about. Just imagine how beautiful your life would be if you will be confident to achieve all what you desire. Think the completeness in your life as there would be no desire or wish that would be unfulfilled.

Until some time past, David could help himself until I revealed him the following NLP confidence gaining ways. David McKenza, an IT professional and working in a highly reputed software company had everything that could make someone’s life special and extraordinary. He had that he always wanted; he had a good income job in a highly reputed company and handsome bank balance. But there was something which often made him upset and worried.

Every month company used to organize lavish get-together and in that, every official was ought to speak something in front of the huge crowd. The very thought of giving a speech in front of huge crowd stood as a great cause of worry. He would spend sleepless nights before the seminar and despite a professional and experienced person; he could not cope up with such a situation.

He even thought of quitting such a beautiful job because of this silly reason – his stage fear, even though he knew that he won’t get as deserving job as this one. I understood his problem when he came to me because lack of confidence has nothing to do with your age or position, anybody can face this problem. Thus, he sought relief of his problem with the 5 simple yet powerful NLP ways to gain unshakable confidence.

The following are 5 NLP ways to gain and retain unshakable confidence:

1. Avoid being Arrogant: This is one of the biggest obstacles that block your gateway of confidence. Often many people synonym the word arrogant for confidence but it is not so. Arrogant is completely different from confidence. Arrogant is accompanied by ego, show off and proud of his achievements but a confident man is satisfied of his achievements. He is never proud nor he is shy to accept his weaknesses whereas an arrogant man is so. Learn to accept failures and learn from them. An arrogant man never wants anyone pointing out his mistake, he always wants to be praised.

2. Confidence is deep within you: A person need not show that he is confident. He need not walk around with puffed chest and eyes never falling on the ground. Just think about world’s best Jackie Chan and Arnold Schwarzenegger, they are satisfied of their achievements but not proud. They do not walk proudly to show off themselves rather they are down to earth persons. Make it a point, confidence never comes from outside, do not show it just feel it. Be confident.

3. Be confident about your competence: Confidence and competence are two important NLP terms. They differ but are dependant. Competence is your ability to do things whereas confidence is belief about your competence. Thus many people have the ability to do things but still they are unsuccessful, they feel as if they lack something in their life. Why is it so? Now listen carefully, the reason for this is, people have the ability to do things but they have belief in themselves. They doubt their own ability to do things. This may be because of the fear of failures. NLP techniques can help you develop belief in your competence level.

Remember, a competence is useless without confidence and confidence is nothing without competence.

4. Reclaim your dreams: You can be confident when you pursue the goal you desire and cherish. You cannot be confident while doing a task, which you don’t enjoy or like. Only the task, which you enjoy doing can give you both pleasure – competence and confidence. A forced task cannot give you the same confidence that the task, which you like can give you. This is most important tool of NLP Confidence gainer ways.

5. Confidence – A process: NLP says that confidence is a process not a thing. You have to be confident in your daily activities like eating, speaking, walking, talking and every task that you do. You have to begin it in small things first because you cannot climb the mountain directly. You have to go through the sloping slides which restricts your way with several hardships, then only you can enjoy being at the top. Thus, you have to begin your journey by being confident in small things because small things lead to big success.

6. Express Freely: NLP states that Confidence comes from sound and free communication. When you are able to speak and express your views freely, you are confident. Thus, it is said that an Eloquent Speaker is a confident person. Learn to express your views to the other person because no man likes a false flattery person.

This powerful NLP exercise can help you boost up your levels of confidence. Practice this exercise and make it a part of your daily NLP routine.

1. Sit in a calm and comfortable position with your eyes closed.
2. Relax completely and let your mind be blank.
3. Now, just go back to the time in your past when you were confident to the maximum level. It can be anything either giving speech or talking or any presentation. Simply watch yourself on the mental movie.
4. Trace that time again as if it is happening now.
5. Enhance the visual and audio qualities of the mental movie. Make it larger, brighter and louder.
6. See what you saw, hear what you heard and feel the same confidence that you felt at that time. Just Feel it.
7. Now, snap your fingers and hear the sound of snapping.
8. Now, tell your mind that whenever you want confidence you will just snap your finger and you will be confident.
9. Stop Snapping. Terminate the exercise and open your eyes.
10. Feel yourself confident. The snapping sound acts as a trigger to your subconscious mind and whenever you will snap, you will feel confident and calm.

This NLP exercise is simple, easy yet powerful. It can change your whole outlook and moreover I am providing you this priceless information for FREE because you are different from others but you deserves to be UNIQUE.

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