Secrets of Hypnotic Persuation & Influence

    “How to Become an Expert Persuader”


    Pradeep Aggarwal's Workshop !

    “Enhance your life Personally & Professionally
    by becoming a Master of Influence
    by attending this Workshop”
    Learn How to talk Anyone into Anything,
    Anytime and Any situation
    What would life be like if you were a master of
    influence and Persuasion ?


    The Hypnotic Persuasions which you are going to Learn in this Live Workshop are :

    1. What the Hidden Persuader pattern is, how n why it works, and how to use it to     increase your persuasive power in every situation.
    2. You can covertly compliment someone else without looking like you are being insincere.
    3.  How to covertly flame someone else without taking the heat?
    4.  How to add impact to another person’s compliment?
    5.  Master key #1……why not using it kills your persuasive impact.
    6.  How to read between the lines of other person’s words to find the REAL meaning of what they are saying.
    7.  How to replace the neutralizer word with a powerful persuasive word.
    8.  The basis of the Rapport : How to make people trust you in every situation.
    9.  How to build trust in writing: emails, letters, faxes, memos, advertising etc.
    10. Using rapport skills in combination for greater impact.
    11. How to use the Criteria to convince anybody for almost anything.
    12. The actual sequence for obtaining anybody’s criteria and detailed instructions on using their own Criteria for persuasion.
    13. Master key #2, why one word can kill your persuasion message n how to get rid of it.
    14. Why “slamming” your competition is a dangerous tactic and how to avoid it.   
    15. How to use emotional anchoring to your advantage in all persuasive situations.
    16. Why disagreeing with people’s objections, rejections, or disagreements actually hurts you.
    17. How to agree with someone while changing their minds.


    By becoming an expert in Communication, influence and persuasion you can :

    1. Enhance your life personally, professionally, and financially.
    2. Motivate, educate, influence and inspire others.
    3. Dramatically increase the amount of money you earn.
    4. Decrease the amount of time it takes to make it.
    5. Eliminate frustration when communicating your message.
    6. Create the kind of life you truly desire and deserve.


    Some of the exciting experiences you will achieve are :

    1. Change people’s behavior and way of thinking, so you can have it “your way.”
    2. Superboost your sales and income.
    3. Make anyone admire, trust and like you.
    4. Feel confident and comfortable with total strangers.
    5. Wow any job interviewer and secure your dream job.

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    The Nine Secret Master Keys of Persuasion

    Master key 1- The Hidden Persuader” Technique.

    • What the Hidden Persuader Technique is
    • How and why it works
    • How to use it yourself
    • Real-world examples of this pattern
    • How to covertly compliment some one else using the Hidden Persuader Pattern
    • How to covertly flame someone else using the Hidden Persuader Pattern
    • How to add impact to another person’s compliment using the Hidden Persuader Pattern
    • A little about “Emotional Anchoring”
    • Places where you can use the Hidden Persuader Pattern

    Master key 2- Watch Out For The “Neutralizer” Word

    • Why “But” is a dangerous word
    • What people really mean when they use “But”
    • Reading between the lines of other people’s words
    • What happens if you use “But”
    • How to replace “But” with a better word

    Master key 3- Using The Secret Of Personal Chemistry

    • Where this “chemistry” really comes from
    • How to create this chemistry all the time, anyone
    • Why doing this builds trust with people
    • How to mimic their actions
    • How to pace their voice
    • How to pace their writing in e-mail, letters, etc.
    • Using them in combination for greater impact

     Master key 4- The Fail- Safe Persuasion Technique

    • Why the “old fashioned” way of selling a product, service idea or benefit doesn’t work
    • How to quickly find out their highest “Hot Buttons” for anything
    • How to use those “Hot Buttons” to convince them
    • The actual sequence for obtaining anybody’s Hot Buttons
    • Actual real-world examples of using Hot Buttons
    • How to start the conversation to get to their Hot Buttons

    Master key 5- Beware Of The “Wimp” Word

    • Why “Try” is a dangerous word
    • What other people mean when they use “Try
    • What you mean when you use “Try
    • How to eliminate “Try” form your speaking, writing and thinking

    Master key 6- How To Charm Your Competitors Into Defeat

    • Why downgrading your competition is a dangerous tactic
    • How emotional anchoring works
    • The common mistake of linking it to what you’re selling
    • How to avoid mistake

    Master key 7- Steer Clear Of The Sabotage Word

    • How people “shoot themselves in the foot” all the time without realizing it
    • The 2 power words to use instead of the sabotage word
    • 4 super charged sentences using the power words

    Master key 8- The secret Of Winning Arguments

    • Why the ordinary kind of arguing never works in your favor
    • How to gently shift the conversation and suddenly take all the wind out of your opponents sales!
    • 4 word-for-word examples of this amazing technique in action

    Master key 9- 11 Patterns of Hypnotic Language Of Influence

    At Last! You Can Become More Persuasive and Influential In As 10 Minutes A Day with the 11 Most Powerful Patterns of Persuasion Around.

    Just imagine being able to persuade anyone, anytime, any place ---- naturally as part of a regular conversation!

    When you master patterns of persuasion .You will become fluent in the language of influence.

    Just think about what positive effects this will have on your career, your life, and your everyday interactions:

  • Negotiating a deal
  • Influencing your kids to do right thing
  • Getting an upgrade on a flight
  • Convincing your business partner that you are right

Mr. Pradeep Aggarwal has taught me new things. I can now think of going into trance and program myself for day to day challenges.

Ravichander S. Iyer, Mumbai.

This Workshop is simply amazing and life changing. I have learnt self-hypnosis for relaxation, goal setting and many more things that I need in my life.

Pooja D., Mumbai.

The content of the course was more then what I expected. The techniques shown by Mr. Pradeep Aggarwal was fantastic esp. the goal setting. I have learnt how to achieve difficult tasks in a shorter period of time. I will always use the goal setting program taught by Mr. Pradeep Aggarwal.

Shabbir Ahmed, Maharashtra.

It was fantastic and wonderful. I have no words for Pradeep sir. He is my ideal trainer.The goal setting and developing rapport techniques are awesome. It has helped me to grow as a businessman and human being. Pradeep sir keep conducting the Workshops frequently and spread the awareness about hypnosis in our country.

Dr. Bharat S. Wagh, Pune

I am empowered with the techniques of hypnosis. They can be practised effortlessely, naturally and automatically. I've learnt self-hypnosis, NLP techniques, relaxation, concentration and the most important I have learnt how to make use of the extra power of the subconscious mind which we do not use before.

Dr. Shankar Chawla, Mumbai.

This workshop is most informative and demostrative and had a wider coverage.This course enables self-improvement, improves quality of life, enables to overcome weaknesses and physical and mental disabilities and blocks.

Ashok N. Vanage, Dadar (Mumbai)

Its Wonderful amazing, thankyou very much sir already changes working for me, every thing can be done easily and effectively, its unbelievable, thank you once again.

Pandu ranga reddy, Secunderabad.

It is excellent and practising this will help us achieve great fears in our life. The thinking programming my mind in to the immediate outsourcing of solving my problems it will help me to clear off all my debts at the earliest.

E Ganesh, Chennai.

An effective program to improve quality life set goals, removal of mental blocks.

Raghavendra rao, Hyderabad.

It is very useful to every person especially a person is feeling social responsibility.

Ramadevi. Hanmakonda.



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