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    Achieve Mastery of Your INNER GAME Experience the Newest Advances in MIND/BODY Sports Technology



    Hypnosis in sports is possibly the most powerful tool available to create consistency, inner strength and goal focus. With the combination of Hypnosis and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) a sportsman can be IN THE ZONE (IN FORM) on command. Winning sportsmen in all sports use guided visualizations, anchors, and deep subconscious goal programming to achieve success. They know the crucial importance of the inner game and now you can experience the power for yourself.

    Mr. Pradeep Aggarwal works with atheletes in many different sports especially Cricket, Tennis and Golf. He is dedicated to help sportsmen to achieve greatness and success in their lives. The new sports technology can advance the game faster than lessons, new equipment or more practice time. Research has shown that Hypnosis and Visualizations create a much greater benefit and increased skill level than the same amount of time spent in actual practice sessions.

    You will learn how to :

    Transform old negative belief into a positive winning belief.

    Remove the subconscious belief that says you dont really deserve to win. Empower your mind and body with a new core belief, a deserving, confident inner self.

    Anchoring! Build and stack anchors that will connect your abilities and resources that you already have. Anchoring is a subconscious connection that sets in motion the physiology that will put you in the zone.

    Learn new skills faster by watching somebody doing it.

    Programme your mind for success for an important event using circle of excellence techniques.

    Learn a powerful technique called Slowtime-Fasttime This technique enable you to have more time while playing you may feel as if you are fast from inside and outside things are moving slow.

    Remove your fears and of big matches or big players so that you play normally with confidence.

    Learn to shutdown all the outside disturbances, comments of other players or opponents so that you remain calm and focussed on your game so that you play your normal game.

    Improve your game regularly by asking specific questions to your subconscious mind.

    Learn to use positive self talk.

    Remove your inner conflicts to become more successful.

    This training can be done for groups/individuals.





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