Hypnosis For Self Improvement


    • Hypnosis is a highly scientific process to program the subconscious mind to achieve unlimited success in life. In hypnosis, the mind and body are deeply relaxed, and the barrier between the conscious and subconscious minds is removed, there by facilitating a high degree of communication between the two. In such a state, the subconscious mind becomes highly receptive to positive, constructive suggestions, thus assisting us in achieving greater success, happiness and satisfaction.

      Hypnosis employs the immense powers of the subconscious mind to bring about the desired changed in our lives. The subconscious mind does just what it is told to do, and in the process shapes our character and influences our behaviour.

      Children are highly susceptible to external suggestions, because their brain functions primarily in the frequency range where the subconscious mind is exposed and unprotected. As a result, children who are praised, properly taught and encouraged to succeed, develop a much better quality of life and self-esteem. On the other hand, children who are constantly put down, told that they are stupid ugly, and criticized for every thing they do, develop a poor, unhealthy self-esteem.

    A subject which has often been misunderstood because of shroud of mystery surrounding it. Hypnosis is a science which can be of immense value to us, in the area of human potential development. Acknowledged and approved as a legitimate therapeutic tool by the British Medical Association and the American Medical Association,hypnosis is widely used in the USA, Europe, the former soviet bloc countries and other developed nations practiced by doctors, psychiatrists, dentists, gynecologist, social workers and business persons in their professionals lives. The powers of hypnosis can also be employed by the general public for a number of purposes, from improving their health, to attaining their goals, to overcoming undesirable habits or phobias.

    Since the mastery of hypnosis requires a lot of intensive practical training, it is usually not possible to exploit its powers beyond a certain limit, merely through books or audio cassettes. Realizing this fact, Mr. Pradeep Aggarwal, member of the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association, USA, and a certified licensed Trainer & Practitioner in NLP(Neuro-Linguistic Programming), has put together almost two decades of research and experience into comprehensive course: Hypnosis for Self Improvement.

    Mr.Aggarwal has been conducting this life changing workshop in India and abroad for the last twenty four years and with tremendous success. He has received incredible acclaim from a number of journals and newspapres. the course has been attended by, and benefited over 20,000 students till date. In paticulars, this course is structured to accomplish the following :

    • To assist you to overcome a specific habit, problem, fear or phobia
    • To assist you to program and accomplish a desired goal, or to rapidly develop a new ability, examples
    • To develop concentration. Relaxation or sports skill improvement.
    • To develop the capabilities to have metaphysical mental experiences such as Past Life Regression. Astral projection. Higher-Self Exploration.
    • To create a quiet level of consciousness in which you may receive meditative awareness.
    • To help others (for instance close family members, spouse, parents, children, etc.) achieve the above.

    This comprehensive course is designed for the people who wish to use hypnosis as a general tool for self improvement. Here the participants are acquainted with the latest technologies associated with this rapidly evolving field. People from all walks of life have attended this course and have reported drastic changes in the way they perceive life and its challenges.

    Hypnosis Why's and Whats

    Why should I bother to learn Hypnosis ?

    Almost 80%of physical and psychological problems are stress-related. And, since relaxation forms the core of all hypnotic procedures, it enables us to exclude anxiety and tension from our normal thought cycles. Moreover, the use of suggestions can help us achieve our goals in a very creative, stress-free manner.

    Application of hypnosis for healing clinical diseases:

    Few therapies in the history of medicine have enjoyed simultaneously such widespread acclaim and such universal condemnation as has hypnosis. To some extent those opposing attitudes still prevail. However, recent years have witnessed commendable advances in experimental and therapeutic hypnosis which have tended to establish hypnotherapy firmly as a scientific treatment method. The first major breakthrough in its acknowledgment came in the late 1950s, when the American Medical Association recognized its as an effective tool to help shell-shocked soldiers overcome the trauma of war. Today, its legitimacy as a medical therapeutic tools is also acknowledged by the British Medical Associated.

    Although hypnosis can considerably aid in the directing and speeding up of cures of a number of problems, it must not be regarded as a cure-all. Further, the fact that hypnosis is helpful in healing clinical disease, shouldn't' s imply that you discontinue the treatment prescribed by your physician. The two forms of aid work very well in partnership, especially in the early days of the treatment One can, however, gradually reduce the intake of medication as the treatment proceeds.

    Why can hypnosis be of such a great help in medical therapy ?

    Most disease have two aspects to them : the first is the physical aspect, and the second is the psychological aspect. It is seen that most patients look at the cure from the physical angle, leaving aside even the most basic of the psychological angle. This is especially true in the case of stress-related diseases such as arthritis, where the psychological aspect is not very apparent.

    How does hypnosis compare with meditation and yoga ?

    All these process involve physical relaxation and a narrowing of consciousness. In the case of hypnosis, its it task or goal oriented, as we are mentally working on something such as weightlessness. In meditation and yoga, on the other hand, consciousness is "free-floating" and it may lead to a greater sense of expand awareness. Many mediators use hypnosis and can slip from one state to another quite easily.


    Myth#1: The hypnotist can make you do things against you will.
    Absolutely false. The hypnotist has no powers over you at all, and cannot make you do things against your will. All hypnosis is self myth's. The hypnotist merely guides you into a hypnotic state, and feeds your mind with carefully worded suggestions. If you felt uncomfortable with these suggestions, you may reject them at will. Hypnosis is essentially a matter of cooperation between the hypnotist and his subject, not some form of power the hypnotist possesses which will compel the subject to submit to his or her will.

    Myth#2: Once under hypnosis, one can't come out of it on his own
    If you are under hypnosis and the hypnotist suddenly left the room, two things may happen. You will either realize that the hypnotist is no longer talking to you, and will open your eyes, feeling fresh and alert. Or you may drift into natural sleep, in which case you will wake up after a few minutes (or hours.)

    Myth#3: Only weak-minded people can be hypnotized
    False, Hypnosis has nothing to do with will power. People often confuse hypnotizes with gullibility. There is no connection between the two. On the contrary, the more intelligent a person is, the easier it is for him to be hypnotized. To be hypnotized one needs the abilities of concentration, imagination and vivid visualization.

    Myth#4: Under hypnosis, one can be made to reveal his secrets
    As already mentioned, under hypnosis the subject is fully alert, in fact more alert, in fact more alert than usual. The hypnotist can only guide the subject to remember forgotten memories. Whether the subject will reveal them to the hypnotist is entirely at his own discretion.

    Myth#5: Hypnosis is dangerous
    Untrue. It is quiet the opposite. Hypnosis is safe and natural process. One fact that most people are unaware of is that we undergo hypnosis several times in our daily lives. For example, while driving along a highway, very often, people suddenly discover that they had "Lost" consciousness for several minutes. This is actually an example of momentary hypnotism.

    Myth#6: One needs special powers to be hypnotized
    Any average person with the willingness and patience to learn, can master the skills of hypnosis. Like other skills such as playing the piano, or learning a foreign language, some people are "naturals", and become accomplished with little training while others can increase their abilities only through regular practice. A good, confident voice is an advantage, but not a must.

    Myth#7: Under hypnosis, the subject is totally unconscious
    At all times during the course of a hypnotic session, you will be able to hear and think. You are aware of what is going on around you. Although you body is very relaxed, your mind is actually more alert than usual. Many people are worried by stage hypnosis and the fact that the subjects, many of whom do ridiculous things during the session, seem to have no knowledge of anything around them. The unfortunate part of such an activity is that it often freights away those people who could really benefit from hypnotherapy, but are afraid of losing control.

    Myth#8: The user might become dependent on hypnosis
    You cannot become dependent upon hypnosis because it has no physical effects on the body. However, many people look forward to their hypnosis exercises because they become totally relaxed and awaken refreshed.


    Hypnosis has been used in a host of physical and mental disorders and problems by doctors, psychiatrists, self-improvement professionals, etc. the world over. Some of the more common uses of hypno-therapy are listed here.




    Public Speaking

    Medical/Dental Procedures

    Past Life




    Pain Management

    Weight Control

    Self Confidence





    Nail Biting



    Memory Improvement

    Body/Mind Healing

    Test taking/ Study Habits





    High Blood Pressure

    Improved Concentration






    You will
    • Learn in 4 days what other courses teach in 6 months.
    • Obtain hands-on experience in NLP
    • Sharpen your therapy skills in ways you never thought possible.
    • Learn everything you need to use NLP in your life now!
    You will receive .....
    A reference manual for use during the training which will give you a tool you can refer to anytime. The manual provides techniques, in a step-by-step manner, that you can use with anyone.

    Upon successful completion of this course, participants will

    be certified through the National Federation of Neuro-Linguistic

    Psychology (NFNLP), USA.


    This course will go beyond the jargon of NLP. You will learn the tools of how to make impact therapy a reality. You will learn and master basic techniques that have made NLP the most sought after training.
    This is an intensive hands-on learning experience. You will learn in the NLP way-seeing it-doing it-and having it done.
    What NLP Do

    NLP is a meta-disciplinary field; a field about other fields; to create excellence in the performance of human beings, no matter what they do.
    As much as 95% of your behavior is patterned, programmed, and therefore predictable. NLP is the study of these patterns and programmes, and is designed to add choice to your life. Ask you train in NLP with Pradeep Aggarwal you will learn to identify patterns in yourself and others, allowing you to predict and direct human behaviour more accurately than ever before. You will learn to function at a level beyond pattern, the level where you develop the skill of developing skills and learning how to learn.

    For Example

    When was the last time you really enjoyed buying something new? (perhaps because you knew that what you were buying was going to be of unquestionable value to you.) Weather you decided on a car, a home, or an item of clothing - the sequence of thoughts, questions and comparisons which ultimately convinced you to make a good decision will have been almost exactly the same. Our own unique buying strategy is just one of the literally hundreds of unconscious patterns that guide our choices and decisions and make up the fabric of our daily lives.

    What if

    You have a problem at work. What if you were able to become aware of just one of these unconscious patterns, perhaps, one that keep you from performing at your best on a consistent basis? That awareness would enable you to make changes in the way you do what you do so that not only would that problem disappear, but a whole other set of related problems will never appear again.

    The applications of the mind-body technologies of NLP

    Over the last twenty years have ranged from developments in the psychotherapeutic are to business, sales, negotiation, performance enhancement personal development, and more. Seeming miracles, like five minutes cures of phobias and even allergies have been repeated so often as to become almost common place amongst practitioners. Along with such well documented models, more recent developments include alternative treatments for alcoholism and drug addiction, new mental training for athletes, and highly effective techniques to enhance parenting, teaching and learning.




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