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A lot of people have doubts about the use of our audio CDs. Keeping such doubts and queries in mind, we have prepared this leaflet. Please read it carefully.

How long will it take?

If you are using altered-state-of-consciousness (self-hypnosis) techniques to accelerate to accelerate positive change, there is no way to know just how long it will take. In some cases, just a few sessions have been enough for a fully conditioned person (one who has had previous exposures to hypnosis). But it has been generally seen that positive changes begin to surface within 3–4 weeks. Often the time required will depend on how much negative reinforcement has to be overcome. If you have smoked two packs of cigarettes a day for 20 years, that is well over a quarter million times you have programmed the negative. That is quite a bit of negative to overcome. All you need to do is be patient and continue to program your mind with the positive. It will work if you have the willpower to stick to it.

When people discontinue the tapes or find excuses such as, There wasn’t enough time to do my hypnosis today, they really aren’t willing to let go of their problems. It was more important to watch a TV show, talk on the phone or read a newspaper, than to take 20–30 minutes for reprogramming their lives. Everything in life is a value judgement and only you can decide what is most important.

What is the guarantee of the effectiveness of these programs?

A lot of people challenged the effectiveness of these programs. But our feedback has shown that no matter what their problem is, there are two types of people who have remained unconvinced about the success of these CDs. Firstly, those who have not put in the required time and energy. And secondly, those who equate hypnosis to black magic. This is the most unfortunate part. A lot of people are scared to take the plunge because they fear the process. The first step in embracing a new technology (like hypnosis) is to clear out all the doubts one may have about it. If one goes to a doctor, who prescribes certain medicines, the doctor would also point out that unless the person didn’t believe in the medicines they won’t be of any help. Similarly, this applies to psychological processes like hypnosis also.

How many things should I work on?

Once you have discovered how extremely effective hypnotic programming is, you may want to begin work on many changes at once. Try to refrain from doing this. You’ll have more immediate results by concentrating your efforts on one or two primary directions until you have achieved your goals, then moving on to a new area of programming.

When to use the tape?

Use your tape whenever it’s convenient for you - ideally when you are wide awake and alert (like in the morning), so you won’t go off into a natural sleep. If you are using hypnosis to heighten creativity or some other related activity, use the tape just before you plan to begin working.

What body position is most sui

You may sit in a comfortable chair or lie down in a bed. If sitting, place both feet flat on the floor and your hands on your laps. If lying down, don’t cross your legs, and place your arms at your sides. The lying position is the best unless it causes you to fall into a normal sleep. If this is the case do your sessions in a sitting position. If you don’t do this, your subconscious will quickly become programmed to fall asleep every time you use the tapes.

The tape instructs me to visualize, but I am unable to do so.

A very small percentage of people have this problem. This is mostly a result of unrealistic expectations about what’s involved in visualization. Try this exercise: Close your eyes and “remember” your bathroom at home. Remember the placement of the washbasin, tub, shower, toilet, the towel racks, the wall color. Remember everything about your bathroom. Do this exercise now. OK, so were you able to recreate your bathroom vividly? If yes, you were visualizing without really being aware of it.

At what age are people capable to begin working on these techniques?

It is difficult to say, but the person must be capable of understanding the process. Usually, anybody around 10 years or above is capable.

I have a slight headache after some of the sessions? Is it a cause of concern?

Very rarely someone will awaken with a headache that feels like a tight band around the forehead. Although somewhat uncomfortable, it is not a matter of concern and will usually disappear within 30 minutes. The ache can be a result of anxiety about the hypnotic experience, but those involved in metaphysical investigation feel it is the result of “third eye” activity and indicates the awakening of psychic abilities.

I keep falling asleep and I don’t wake up until the tape is over. Am I still getting the benefits of the tapes ?

You may be receiving some benefit, yet you are unable to participate in the mental movies and other techniques requiring your involvement. If you are going off into a natural sleep you probably won’t awaken upon being instructed to do so. If that is the situation use a sitting position and do not use the tapes when you are tired.

Instead of receiving impressions according to the instructions, I receive all kinds of unrelated impressions.

This is quite common when you first begin to use techniques. Your subconscious appears to want to release a lot of information and is afraid it isn’t going to get a chance, so it pours it all out at once. After you work with the tapes for a few weeks at most, this will stop and it will be easy to remain focussed upon the desired individual input.

The trigger words on my tape don’t seem to be having any effect when I use them in my daily life.

The post-hypnotic suggestion trigger words become a little more effective each time you use your tape and each time you use your technique. Are you following the instructions to use the tape everyday ? This is critically important. Are you then using the technique on a regular basis ? The tapes are not magic, but if you use them exactly as instructed they will continue to become more and more effective over the weeks and months. Do not be impatient and expect miracles. Continued use over a period of time will manifest fantastic results.

Whenever I start to go into an altered state, I have to constantly itch. This is very distracting.

Your subconscious mind is probably threatened about what you may discover during the exercise and creates the distractions as an avoid. Make sure you itch or scratch, and continue listening to the tape. Eventually your subconscious will get used to the techniques and stop creating the distractions.

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