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The Success Secrets of the Rich and Happy


Author : Bart A. Baggett
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Chapter1          : Your Invitation to Greatness

                                    Part1-The Secret to seeing what’s really possible

Chapter2          : Goals and Outcomes
Chapter3          : The Secret power of Beliefs
Chapter4          : The Secret to True Fulfillment & Effortless Motivation

                                    Part2-Personality success Secrets Overcoming Roadblocks

Chapter5          : Discovering True Personality-Quickly
Chapter6          : Personality Success Secrets
Chapter7          : Roadblocks to success

                                    Part3-The Secrets to Being Happy now

Chapter8          :  The Secret Sports of Life Boarding & Balance
Chapter9          :  Create Your Own Rules
Chapter10        :  Six Human Needs
Chapter11        :  The Secret to State Management

How to Create Any Emotion in Under 60 Seconds
Chapter12        : Secrets of the Super Healthy
Chapter13        : The Secret Power of Rapport
Chapter14        : Toxic Vocabulary

                                    Part4-The Secrets of Building Wealth

Chapter15        : Fundamental Cash Flow Secrets of the Ages  
Chapter16        : The Spirituality of Prosperity-Abundance

Mentality and Prosperity Thinking

Chapter17        : Questions Wealthy People Ask
Chapter18        : The Secret value of Time
Chapter19        : Designing Your Future Using Time-Line and Meditation
Chapter20        : Installing Your Future Wealth and Happiness
Chapter21        : Turning Wealth & Happiness into Habits
Chapter22        : Conclusion  


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